David & Lorraine

Dear Birth Parent, We first want to say that we are humbled by the courage, love, and strength that you are showing in choosing adoption. We hope you find peace and comfort in your decision. We want you to know that your child will be so loved and one of the greatest blessings to come […]

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Taylor & Kramer

Dear friend, thank you for considering our family. We are Kramer, Taylor, and Ellis, a fun-loving family who enjoys meeting new people who most often become our dear friends. We love spreading kindness, laughter, and showing our family and friends they are valued. We encourage individuality and self-expression; everyone is unique and we embrace diversity.

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Dealing with Unwanted Pregnancy

Sometimes, when you are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, you can feel like you have to do everything on your own. You can feel alone, stressed, anxious about what is coming next. You don’t have to face those sleepless nights and fearful moments alone, though. There are solutions for your unique challenge, and A Act

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Adoptive Parents Implications

Oklahoma Adoption Bill: Aiming for a Come One, Come All Adoption Policy

Clergy in the state of Oklahoma are joining together to support the Oklahoma Adoption Bill 1140 which they believe will help Oklahoma’s most vulnerable children to be placed in loving homes. They believe the bill, sponsored by Greg Treat of the Senate, will be a jump start to adoption services that are not faith-based. The

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Brian & Diana 2

5 Things we love about our family We practice kindness every day. We cheer for Preston and Parker at their soccer games. Our shared love and passion for animals in need. Our caring extended family. Playing games together. Our Community Located in the Pacific Northwest Very safe, friendly, ethnically diverse with top ranked schools Ranked

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