Please know that your privacy is always respected. Your happiness, trust, and individuality are important to us. We want you to feel comfortable and feel you have chosen the right place in your search for answers. Because Act of Love is a licensed adoption agency, we provide full services to birth parents, so we can keep your information confidential and private.

“Having an agency that truly cared about my happiness and my baby's happiness above all else made the most difficult choice I will ever make one of the easiest processes. I could not be happier with how smooth everything went for us. Thank you so much Act of Love!” Birth Mom S.B.

Medical, Legal, and Financial Assistance

We offer assistance for medical and legal services. We also provide living accommodations if needed. Our doctors and hospitals are familiar with adoption and help care for our birth parents with compassion. The adoptive family usually pays for pregnancy-related medical expenses, unless you have insurance or other medical coverage to cover your expenses. Our attorneys are available to help answer questions you may have. Through Act of Love many services are offered, please allow us to assist you in the adoption process.

Open and Closed Adoptions

It is your choice to make a plan you are comfortable with. We understand each birth parent has different needs. Because of this, we want to work closely with you to ensure your plan is right.

Open Adoptions: As a birth parent, you want the very best for your child. To assure this, you may wish to view profiles to help select a family. If you desire, you may also interview the prospective family by phone or in person. You may also choose to receive pictures, letters, and/or conference calls after placement, if you choose on a regular basis for up to 18 years, as well as planned visits. Your post-adoption contact can be held in your file until you request it to be sent to you.

Closed Adoptions: If you are not comfortable in selecting a family, you may choose to have Act of Love select a loving home for your child. You may choose to keep your adoption file closed and have no future contact with the adopted child.


Throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process, we offer free, individualized, pregnancy counseling, as well as counseling after placement. We also provide a toll-free help line available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.Our team is here to answer any questions or listen to any concerns you may have about the adoption process. In other words, we provide loving, caring support before and after placement.


If you desire to relocate during the latter part of your pregnancy, we have several safe and comfortable accommodations, in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. They are near three major hospitals. Also on-site laundry facilities. May include swimming pools, walking areas, fitness areas and other amenities. Shopping centers, restaurants, and bus routes are all within walking distance. If you choose not to relocate, support with housing is also available in your home state.The support you can receive in your home state depends upon your state law.

Our birth-parent coordinators are available to provide transportation to your doctor appointments, counseling visits, and grocery shopping. They are also here to provide you with support and friendship.

Adoptive Families & Direct Placements

We have adoptive families from all types of backgrounds, geographic areas, and religious preferences. You can be assured they are carefully interviewed, screened and prepared for adoption. This includes background, criminal and child abuse checks, home studies, along with financial and medical inquiries. Our families must also attend classes on child rearing, which discuss bathing, feeding, general childcare, CPR, transracial issues, and other topics. After placement, a family is in close contact with a licensed professional and must comply with post-placement visits. If there is a specific quality or interest you are looking for in a family, we want to help you find that special family.

Act of Love offers the following (and much more) throughout your pregnancy:

  • 24-hour Birth Parent Help Line
  • Privacy is Respected
  • Free Adoption Services to Birth Parents
  • Medical, Legal, and Financial Assistance
  • Housing Accommodations
  • Privacy Respected with Separate Living Accommodations in Safe, Beautiful Complex
  • Relocation and Living Accommodations
  • Assistance with Transportation
  • You Choose your Adoption Plan
  • Open and Closed Adoptions
  • Select and Meet Families (if desired)
  • Religious Preference is your Choice
  • Community Resources
  • Pregnancy Counseling
  • Loving Caring Support Before, During, and After Placement
  • Pregnancy Related Cell Phone Available (based on need)
  • Compassionate, Flexible Team Ready to Help Meet Your Needs
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