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Are You Considering Placing Your Child for Adoption?

When you are choosing adoption, you are choosing life and a better future for you and your baby. 

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Giving Baby Up For Adoption

    Many birth parents type in the search box "Giving baby up for adoption" when they are considering adoption for their baby. This is a very important decision for your future and the future of your baby.

    The most important thing you need to understand when you want to give your baby up for adoption is that you are not giving up. This is a brave and loving choice that is going to impact others, as well as your own life as you pursue your goals.

    To make sure your baby will be safe, you can find a prequalified loving family that is seeking to adopt. We are an adoption agency called A Act of Love Adoptions, and we help birth mothers to find adoptive parents for your baby. All our families are qualified to meet adoption law requirements. Also, they have done something called a home study that can prove they can financially and emotionally receive a baby.

    You can receive financial help for your pregnancy, which includes medical expenses, housing, and living expenses, and help with legal work.

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    Why choose an adoption agency

    A Act of Love Adoptions can help you to find the best plan for your baby. Our dedicated birth parent team is ready to take phone calls, texts, and give you the support you need 24/7.

    Adoption Agency

    Working with an adoption agency can be the choice for you. A Act of Love offers all the services you need to go through your pregnancy as smoothly as possible and help you to find a family for your baby. Our services include:

    Financial Help

    Financial Assistance

    Something to understand in adoption is that you can receive financial assistance. A Act of Love Adoptions helps you with medical-related expenses. These funds will help you to carry on your pregnancy as safely as possible. You don't have to worry about pregnancy expenses and other related costs.



    We also offer housing if you want to relocate. The idea is that you can find a safe place to be close to your adoption caseworkers and counselors. Housing can also ensure that your baby is in a safe environment throughout the pregnancy.

    Medical Help

    Medical expenses

    A Act of love Adoptions also provides medical help and medical expenses. We work with doctors that will monitor your health and the health of your baby. We make sure the health of our expectant mothers is in the best hands.


    Another great benefit of choosing A Act of Love is that you can get a social worker who will help you through the whole adoption process. Counseling is a key part of adoption and makes the process much easier. When you decide to place a baby for adoption, you are going to have many questions and experience a lot of emotions, that is why counseling is vital.

    Social Worker for Adoption
    Medical related expenses

    Pregnancy-related expenses

    Also, agencies can help you with the costs of your pregnancy. These funds will assure you'll have a great adoption experience, and you and the baby are safe through the whole process. Part of this budget includes medical expenses and legal fees.

    Adoptive family profiles

    One of the most significant advantages of choosing an adoption agency is choosing from a variety of adoptive families. Having this option will allow you to feel good about your decision and will enable you to have more alternatives.

    Adoptive Family profiles

    Considering adoption without an agency can be risky. On the other hand, having a licensed adoption agency who knows the process, and is the right team for you, can help you avoid a lot of pain. A Act of Love has placed thousands of babies and the right adoption plan can be done for you.

    Type of Adoptions

    There are several types of adoptions you can consider. The idea is that you can feel comfortable with your decision:

    Open Adoption

    Open adoption allows you to share communication with the family and stay in contact after the placement. This is a great choice if you want to keep in contact with your baby through the years.

    Closed Adoption

    If you choose closed adoption, then your information will be confidential. The family who is adopting won't know who you are as a biological parent. This is a choice if you don't want your information to be disclosed.

    You are in charge of what type of adoption you would love to have. In most cases the family you choose will adapt to your choice, giving you the choice you feel most comfortable for.

    Why to Choose A Act of Love Adoptions

    30 years of experience

    30 years of experience
    We are one of the oldest adoption agencies. We understand that adoption is an option, and through the years we understand the process better than anyone. We know how to help you.

    Approved Families Waiting

    We have dozens of families that are waiting to adopt. We will help you come up with a birth mom adoption plan where you can choose what kind of family you would like to place your child with.

    Dedicated Birth Parent Team

    We have a dedicated birth parent team that will help you navigate all of your options throughout your pregnancy. We will be there for you every step of the way.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started?

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     If you decide to move forward, you need to fill out an application packet. We will help you to fill it out.

    Step 3
    Choose a Family

    Choose the right family for your baby. You sort through all the families we have available and select the one that best matches your requirements.

    Can I just see my options and keep my information confidential?

    Absolutely! You can just contact us to see what your options are and what type of help is available for you, and we won't share your information with anyone. We are available to answer any questions you have. You can fill out the small form on this page, or text us or call us 801-450-0094

    Considering Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption?

    If you want to know more about what A Act of Love adoptions can do for you and your baby you can receive free counseling right now.

    Your information is 100% confidential and safe. We will listen to what you're thinking and your feelings, present you with options and help you with whatever decision you want to make.

    To get free counseling, fill out the form below.

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    Your information is 100% private. We don't shae your information.

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