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When you are choosing adoption, you are choosing life and a better future for you and your baby. 

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Our Adoption Services

Pregnancy HelpWe offer counseling and support throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process.  Our team is here to listen and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the adoptions process.

Medical HelpAssistance with pregnancy related expenses can be arranged if needed. Depending on the state you live they may include pregnancy delivery expenses, travel costs, housing help, utilities, grocery needs, as well as adoption related legal fees.

Medical HelpWe offer assistance with pregnancy related medical care.  We can assist with travel to doctor visits and with your medical care expenses.

Medical HelpIf you desire to relocate we have safe and comfortable locations.  If you choose to stay in your home state support with housing is also available.  The pregnancy related support you can receive in your home state depends upon your state laws.

Post Placement SupportWe will continue to be there for you after the adoption takes place. Counseling and support is available.  Act of Love will help with communication with the adoptive family after placement.

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We have helped birth parents and adoptive families for over 26 years. We have a loving team ready to guide you on your adoption journey. We also provide the adoption services necessary to make the process easier.  

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"I would like to thank all of you at Act of Love who helped my son and I through the adoption process. You guys made a difficult decision as painless as I suppose it could be. I know adoption what was in my baby's best interest. You all did a fantastic job helping me pick the right family for her and I'm still excited about their name choice!

5 Star Review

J.J Birth Parent

Everyone at Act of Love was very helpful no matter the reason I called or what time of day or night. I was always treated with care and respect. I was given a lot of helpful information on options and receive what I asked for quickly. My coordinator answered me promptly, no matter what time I needed her.

5 Star Review


I will forever be grateful to you all. You have done so much. You are all so kind, and we love your energy! My coordinator is an amazing person, I'm so glad we met, she helped me get through it all.

5 Star Review

Birth Mother

Answers to Common Adoption Questions

Can I call to receive information without a commitment?

Yes you can. A Act of Love offers the utmost confidentially and allows you to obtain information without any obligations. Using a staff like Act of Love that has personal experience with adoptions both professionally and personally will help provide you with the necessary emotional, mental and physical support to make the right decision about your pregnancy.

What is an open adoption?

An open adoption allows you, as a birthparent, to have a relationship or direct contact with the adoptive parents and your child. This type of adoption varies greatly, as it can be minimal communication, or include open contact between families. 

What is a closed adoption?

A closed adoption was the type of adoption common decades ago. A closed adoption does not share or disclose any identifying information about you to the adoptive parents and you will not have any identifying information about the adoptive family.

What is a semi-open adoption?

A semi-open adoption is a combination of an open and closed adoption. You will typically not have direct contact with the adoptive family or your child, but you can use the adoption agency as an intermediary to pass periodic information, medical history, pictures, etc., along. This type of adoption does not require identifying information to be exchanged, it just allows the option if you or the adoptive family prefers. 

Who pays my medical expenses?

If you do not have medical insurance or Medicaid, the adoptive family adopting your baby should cover your pregnancy related medical expenses. The prospective adoptive parents should be responsible to cover the expenses related to your pregnancy and delivery.

How to select an adoptive family?

At A Act of Love we have many adoptive family profiles we can show you. For some birthparents, selecting an adoptive family is as simple as following their feelings. Whatever birthparents envision for their children is probably the type of adoptive parents they should pursue. If a birthparent prefers urban dwelling, a family living in the big city may make the ideal adoptive parents. If, however, birthparents prefer rural settings with pets, it may be best to consider searching for adoptive parents that fit these profiles.

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