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We provide professional full adoption services to birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees. A Act of Love continues to be one of the most successful and progressive agencies serving the adoption community within the United States. Our belief is that as you search through this website you will be touched by the love, trust and unity that exists within our A Act of Love family. We look forward to working with you and having you become a part of our A Act of Love family.

Counseling and Support
Financial and Legal
Medical Help
Post Placement
Counseling and Support

We offer counseling and support throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process.  Our team is here to listen and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the adoptions process.

Financial and Legal

Assistance with pregnancy related expenses can be arranged if needed. Depending on the state you live they may include pregnancy delivery expenses, travel costs, housing help, utilities, grocery needs, as well as adoption related legal fees.

Medical Help

We offer assistance with pregnancy related medical care.  We can assist with travel to doctor visits and with your medical care expenses.


If you desire to relocate we have safe and comfortable locations.  If you choose to stay in your home state support with housing is also available.  The pregnancy related support you can receive in your home state depends upon your state laws.

Post Placement

We will continue to be there for you after the adoption takes place. Counseling and support is available.  Act of Love will help with communication with the adoptive family after placement.


Every situation is unique and we understand that dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is a big decision needing careful consideration. It takes great courage to complete a pregnancy and place your child with a loving family. Our caring team is very supportive and is willing to provide the help needed to ensure your happiness and peace with the decision you make. Even if you are not sure adoption is right for you, the Act of Love staff can help you make the best decision for you and your baby.


Building a family through adoption can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. A Act of Love has been serving birth parents and adoptive families for over two decades with a staff that has personally experienced adoption. A Act of Love wants to help you through every step of the adoption process, answer your questions and concerns in a comfortable and loving environment.



Ryan & Jodi

Dear Birthparent, We would like to thank you for taking the time to read and...


Dear Birth Parent: My name is Jenny. Thank you for taking the time to get...

Josh & Kelsie

Dear Birth Parent, Thank you for taking the time to view our profile and get...


I can’t imagine have gone through placing my son without the love & care of everyone at A Act of Love. I was never ‘alone’, they became my family, anytime day or night everyone was there for me. I always knew, and it was always reinforced, that this was my choice to make. Resources & options were always available and there was never any pressure to do anything I did not want to. I found the perfect, most amazing family for my son, which would not have been possible without the agency. I will never be able to express how grateful I am for everything the agency not only did to help me, but how they helped my children I parent, and the huge role they played in me being able to give my son a life I could have only dreamed about giving him.



Birth Mom

Before I came to A Act of Love and met Kathy, I was very confused and frustrated over all the many decisions I had to make, being single and pregnant and alone. I was given the power of choice and the genuine love and acceptance I needed help through that difficult situation.



Birth Mother

I appreciate you all so much! I had to stay in the hospital for high blood pressure for a week before I delivered. You all made it so much better for me! Your staff is so amazing and helpful and I would recommend Act of Love to everyone! Thanks for making this adoption a great experience! I LOVE the adoptive parents!

Birth Mom

My choice of placing my child for adoption was truly an act of love. I have given her the chance in life that she deserves, as well as myself. I can now feel at peace knowing that my little angel is not only loved by two families but she is well taken care of. I am grateful I have had the chance to help make someone else's family complete. I am also grateful that there is such an agency as A Act of Love to help those who are searching for answers.


Birth Mom


Our team hopes to talk with you. Call us with any of your questions, and we'd be happy to help. Every call is free and confidential, with zero commitment.

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