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Are you looking for an adoption agency? You are in the right place. At A Act of Love Adoptions we go the extra mile to help birth parents and adoptive families with their adoption process. Our dedicated loving team is here to help you.

More Than 26 Years of Experience as an Adoption Agency

A Act of Love Adoptions - we are known as the agency that cares. We are a national adoption agency and serve people all throughout United States.

We love to help birth parents and families who are choosing adoption. Our team is dedicated 24/7 to make sure you can have all your questions and concerns answered.


Adoption can seem like a long and confusing process but having an agency like A Act of Love makes the process so much easier.

Adoption Tip: Adoption can be an extensive and complicated process. For that reason, having an agency who knows the process like A Act of Love Adoptions can make a difference. Get a free information packet here >>

Why Do You Need an Adoption Agency?

Adoption Agency

Adoption is a beautiful act of of love, however adoption can be confusing and complicated.

Every year new regulations are created and the adoption process is becoming more complex. That is why trusting the right adoption agency can help you to ease the paperwork.

Having the right team will help you to make sure you have everything in place. Here are some of the main benefits:

1. Counseling and Legal Support

Counseling and Legal Adoption

Like we mentioned before, rules and regulations are always changing. Children are a precious gift and states are constantly passing new laws to ensure their protection.

Having an adoption agency that is on top of the process and the changes, can save you months of paper work. One of our adoptive fathers said: "I can't imagine doing this without an adoption agency."

2. Financial Protection

Financial Protection

Another great advantage of having a reputable agency is that agencies make sure your money is safe.

When families work directly with birth parents, they take the risk that the birth parent will change their mind and their funds can be lost.

Because A Act of Love adoption is constantly getting birth mothers who want to place their child, you won't have the risk of losing your money if a birth mother changes their mind. There will be always another chance to get another placement.

3. Faster Process

National adoption agencies like A Act of Love Adoptions, are constantly attracting new birth parents and families.

This allows the process be more dynamic. For example, at A Act of Love Adoptions families are getting notified of new situations constantly and this can makes the process faster.

Not all families get a baby fast. Some families get a placement very quickly while others need to wait longer. Here is where adoption agencies make sure you get a fair chance to get a placement. 

4. Access to More Professionals

Adoption Professionals

Adoption agencies have multiple team members with different professions working for you.

You can get access to legal advisers, social workers, and several adoption specialists who know their fields better than anyone.

You don't have to worry or go to different places to find your answers. It's all in one place. At A Act of Love Adoptions we have an amazing team qualified to help you and answer any question about adoption.  

5. Exposure

Probably the most important benefit of an adoption agency is the fact that you are constantly getting exposure to new outreaches and situations.

Birth parents get exposure to waiting families and vice-versa. That is why as an agency we keep attracting families and birth parents. Agencies are the safest place to meet and receive a placement.

Why Choose A Act of Love Adoptions?

A Act of Love Adoptions Team

We provide all the services already mentioned and many more. Our founder Kathy Kunkel adopted 8 of her 10 child. When it comes to adoption, we know it because we have done it ourselves.

A Act of Love Adoptions has done more than 1000 adoptions in more than 25 years. If you have any concerns we probably have dealt with it before. We also offer open and closed adoptions.

Like we mentioned before, we are the agency that is known for caring and making it personal. You can request free adoption information by clicking the button below.

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