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What Make us Different?

We are proud to say that adoption is our life mission. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit that provides adoption services. from our founders all the way to our staff members, we are involved in helping birth parents and adoptive families 24/7.

We started our adoption agency in 1993 and we know all the ins-and-outs of adoption. We have participated in over 2000 adoptions from all across the country.

Our founder Kathy Kunkel adopted 8 out her 10 kids, also our chief operating officer, Isaac Thomas adopted 4 children too. We know the process of adoption and we know how to help. We run the extra mile to make adoption possible for our birth parents and families.

birth Parent Services

Our Adoption Experience

Our approach to adoption is unique. We understand the process from a technical and legal view, we have done thousands of adoptions. Also, from an emotional aspect, we know how it feels to go through the process. We understand and know how to help.

Adoptive Families

Of Families Created

We have helped over 2000 birth parents and adoptive families to accomplish the gift of adoption.

26 Years

Years of Experience

A Act of Love Adoptions started in 1993. We have over 30 years in the world of adoption.

Adoption Customer Support

24/7 Support

Our loving support team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Our Services

Adoption Agency for Birth Parents

If you are pregnant and looking for help right now, please click the button and fill out the form. We will reach back to you immediately.

Birth Parent Services

We provide services for parents that are considering a placing a baby for adoption. We understand how important this decision is. For that reason, we work hand and hand with our birth parents from the beginning and after post-placement. Our services include:

  • Counseling
  • Financial Help
  • Legal Support
  • Housing
  • Post Placing Counsel

Adoptive Family Services

Many families have a strong desire to adopt a baby but the process can be complex. We understand the process and feelings. Our goal as an adoption agency is to make adoption easy and possible.

  • Adoption Orientation
  • Homestudy
  • Legal Support
  • Adoption Situations
  • Placements

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