To serve children, to help build loving families who share the joy of living and loving together. -

A Act of Love Mission Statement 

Our Team

Kathy Kunkel

Kathy Kunkel


Kathy started the agency in 1993 with the desire to help birth parents, and babies to find a loving home. Kathy has ten children, eight of them are adopted.

During the course of our adoptions, we have the opportunity to meet and form friendships with many birth parents and adoptive families. The BP and AF were gracious enough to share their stories and express to them what they wished had been available in their adoption planning.

We took our own experiences and others to open A Act of Love Adoptions.

Issac Thomas

Isaac Thomas

Chief Operations Officer

Isaac Thomas was born in Kansas City, Missouri.
Graduated from Missouri Valley College with a B. S. Degree in Speech and Drama and Secondary Education.

Masters of Educational Psychology, Brigham Young University Master of Social Work, Brigham Young University Licensed Clinical Social Worker They have seven children with four adopted.

Our Team

A Act of love team
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