Unplanned Pregnancy – Adoption Myth

There is a misconception in adoption that adoptive children think their birth parents didn’t want them or love them. This myth could not be further from the truth. There is not a birth mom or dad that didn’t love their child. In fact, they loved him/her so much that they put that child’s needs well before their own.

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If you ask anyone that has placed a child for adoption after an unplanned pregnancy, they will likely tell you it was the most difficult thing they have ever done or will ever do in their life. But, they will also tell you that tough things can also be the right things to do. No one walks in another person’s shoes. No one knows what that person is going through. In many cases, those who choose adoption are not financially stable, have other mouths to feed, are unemployed or have limited work hours, may not have not completed high school, are in abusive situations, do not have a good support system of family or friends, have substance abuse problems, are too young to parent and a variety of other reasons.

Choosing life and then choosing adoption is a courageous and loving decision. It is making a good choice for a baby that is totally dependent and cannot make that choice for himself. Choosing adoption  if there is an unplanned pregnancy is putting the needs of the parent aside and thinking of the baby and the life that lies ahead for that child. Your child will love you for making that choice. Your child will honor you as his/her parent that chose life! Your child will be forever grateful to you for your unselfish act of love.

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