Individuality, Respect and Appreciation

Act of Love serves and cares for each individual. We know how important it is for you to feel welcome, respected and appreciated. You need people you can trust and who will always be there to support you. We promise to do our best throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process you choose.  The staff prides themselves on integrity and providing the best possible individual services.

Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected.  We want you to be able to share your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged or your information and feelings being shared with others. Adoption agencies are licensed to provide the best practice adoption services with the best interest of the child, as the highest priority.  You should always expect to be respected and to be in-charge of your adoption plan.  You can make a change at anytime you are not feeling you are in-charge.

Call today to learn more  about your choices.
1-800-835-6360 – 24/7 or text anytime to 801-450-0094

We welcome you with open arms and extend our love and support to you.  Many of the staff members have personally experienced adoption and understand the road that you are travelling.  Our compassion along with our experience will allow you to feel comfortable and supported as you make a plan for your unexpected pregnancy.  Adoption is a beautiful act of love and courage.  We celebrate you!

“To everyone at Act of Love, It is an extraordinary honor to have worked with you guys. I feel that I have gained a family through you guys- something I feel I never really had before. You also have given me a family with my adoptive family. The kindness you showed me when I learned about my pregnancy is what swayed my decision to place my baby for adoption. All of you showed such generosity and love. I will be eternally grateful for you guys. I am so glad I chose adoption. My baby boy is so beautiful, and I love him so much. Please be aware that your kindness can save lives!!! I love you all!!” Birth Mom DM

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