Making the decision to choose adoption for your unborn baby can bring a great deal of peace along with many unanswered questions.  Depending on the state that you reside and where you plan to give birth to your child, you can receive assistance with your pregnancy expenses helping you to have a healthy baby.

As you are making your decision regarding your adoption plan, you will want to consider how you will take care of you and your baby.  You will want to make sure that your needs are met and that you are in an environment that is healthy and focused on the best interest of you and your baby.  If you are working with a good adoption professional or adoption agency, they should begin with providing you access to an experienced adoption counselor that can help you walk through your needs to the end of the pregnancy and during your confinement period.  Adoption agencies and professionals should provide FREE counseling as you make your decisions surrounding your unexpected pregnancy.

Adoption agencies provide adoption counselors that have knowledge of the adoption process and that have experience in helping birth parents to make a plan that helps build a foundation to move forward in a positive manner.  Adoption counselors help to prepare birth parents for the months ahead during their pregnancy and the months following their adoption placement.  Services to birth parents making an adoption plan are FREE.  The expenses will be covered by the adoptive family that is adopting the baby.

You will want to consider such things as:

  • Safe and comfortable housing
  • Utility and phone bills
  • Good nutrition for you and your baby
  • Appropriate clothing during your pregnancy
  • Finding good medical care
  • Transportation to and from doctors appointments, counseling and the grocery store
  • Access to legal advice, if needed
  • Finding the right adoptive family
  • Having a hospital plan with a supportive adoption team around you
  • Support in building a relationship with your adoptive family, if you choose
  • Making a plan for you after your placement
  • Setting up support and resources
  • Living expenses to assist you during your confinement period
  • Access to counseling both during and after your adoption placement
  • Assistance with your communication following your adoption placement, if you choose

Call us today at 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 to receive FREE information regarding your adoption plan.  Our compassionate and experienced staff is available 24/7.

Make sure the adoption professionals that are assisting you are listening to you and meeting your needs.  If at anytime during your pregnancy and adoption plan, you do not feel your needs are being met or you are receiving the care you deserve, reach out to another adoption professional to get information and assistance.  You may only be working with one adoption professional and receiving assistance at a time, but you can make a change if needed.



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