Taking Care of You

Following the delivery and relinquishment of your baby, depending on the plan you created, you may receive assistance for your confinement period (usually 6 weeks following delivery).  The assistance you receive will be to help you during your recovery from the birth of the baby.  The adoptive family can help to provide you with housing, food, utilities, transportation and clothing,  so you can recover from your delivery and start the plans for your future.  You will discuss this plan with your caseworker and social worker based on your needs and situation.  Each state has different laws regarding adoption and assistance, so it will be important to talk with knowledgeable adoption professionals.

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We believe that it is important for you to begin moving forward with your life and finding a happy, stable plan for yourself.  You will have the support and counseling from the Act of Love staff as you start the path to your recovery.  During your adoption planning, your counselor and caseworkers will help you start looking at putting together a plan for your future and helping you to find resources and a support group.

It will be important for you to have a support group in place that can help you move forward after the placement of your baby.  Making an adoption plan for your baby is a wonderful, responsible act and should be celebrated.  You will have times of peace and times of sadness.  It is important that you have the tools and resources to help you move through those times of sadness.  It is absolutely possible to move forward in a positive direction and have the life that you want for yourself and for your baby.

If you choose an open adoption, you will be able to receive pictures and updates to see how your baby is doing.  It can be very healing to receive the updates to see the love and joy your baby is receiving in his family.  The type of communication you receive after the placement will be your decision.


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