A home study is a requirement for adoption and will be one of the major steps in the adoption process. If you live in Utah, the following are the home study requirements for prospective adoptive parents.

Utah Home Study Requirements:

1. interviews with the adoptive applicants, their children, and other individuals living in the home;

2. criminal background and child abuse screening of adoptive applicants and other adults living in the home in accordance with R501-14, R501-18, and Sections 53-10-108(4) and 78B-6-128;

3. written statements from references identified by the applicants. The applicants shall supply names of at least two non-related and one related individuals who shall provide information directly to the agency regarding the applicant’s qualifications for parenting an adoptive child;

4. a medical history and a doctor’s report, based upon a doctor’s physical examination of each applicant, made within six months prior to the date of the application; and

5. inspections of the home, to determine whether sufficient space and facilities to meet the needs of the child exist and whether basic health and safety standards are maintained.

Importance of a Home Study:

It is important to have a well-written home study for many reasons.

  • The home study will be provided to the courts for finalizing the adoption.
  • The home study will also be a requirement should your adoption placement involve Inter-State Compact for the Placement of Children.
  • Each state has different requirements for private domestic home studies.
  • Having a comprehensive home study will make your adoption process much smoother and provide you with more options as you search for your baby.
  • Having clearances run by a private adoption agency will be necessary for a domestic adoption with an adoption agency in Utah.

A good adoption agency or professional will help you to be prepared with your home study and try to cover as many of the areas that different states will require.  Our licensed social workers have performed 100’s of home studies and we want to help you become qualified to adopt.

Call today to speak with an adoption specialist for a private home study or full-service agency home study.


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