If You Are Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy There is Hope

An Unexpected Pregnancy Can Be One of The Most Difficult Things to Go Through. Learn How A Act of Love Adoptions Can Help You.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Unplanned Pregnancy

You have found yourself with an unplanned pregnancy and in a position where you’re not ready to raise a child, and now you are wondering what to do? Have you considered adoption? Remember, you are not alone in your situation. Thousands of women like you, have experienced this same circumstance, some more than once — and many of those women have made the choice to place their baby for adoption.

How to Handle Unplanned Pregnancy

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be life changing. But knowing your options will take the fear away and replace it with peace. In the United States, there are thousands of hopeful parents waiting for a chance to become the parent of a beautiful child; and although your pregnancy was unplanned, it could be the miracle another family has been waiting for. 

How to deal with unplanned pregnancy
unplanned pregnancy

It is also possible that you could become prepared yourself to be the mother to this child. If that is not the case, however, there are many options of options for your unborn child. Your best option, for your health and for the child, is adoption. By choosing adoption, you ensure that a family who may not be able to conceive on their own can, too, experience the joy of parenthood.

Statistics of Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, don’t panic. Many of the pregnancies in the United States are in fact unintended. Medical options are available for those who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. There are other options in place in the United States, many of the pregnancies are covered by public insurance programs. So if your concern is with finances, you can rest assured that there are options for you in your unplanned pregnancy. Please contact A Act of Love to get more information.

An unplanned pregnancy for one person can be an opportunity for another. As mentioned, where some families struggle with fertility, by opening your mind to their needs you can create a relationship that is beneficial to both you and them. There are agencies around the country that can assist you in connecting with those who are searching for a child of their own. As well, there are publicly funded family planning services that help women avoid pregnancies they do not want and plan pregnancies they do want.  

By relying on this network of professionals, you can overcome this difficult time of unplanned pregnancy with ease and understanding.

Pregnancy counseling
Unexpected Pregnancy Options

A Act of Love provides professional, full adoption services. Unplanned pregnancies are one of their key focuses, both in helping birth parents and adoptive parents to feel comfortable and at ease through the experience. You can feel confident in your decision for adoption for your unplanned pregnancy, because A Act of Love has been, and continues to be, one of the most outstanding and revolutionary adoption agencies in the United States. A Act of Love believes that as you search through their website and learn more, you will be touched by the love, trust and unity that exists within their organization.

Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy

No matter your circumstance, A Act of Love is here to help. Pregnancies of any kind are a transitional time of life, and having more options than simply abortion can bring peace of mind for you and joy to an adoptive family. A Act of Love’s provides incredible opportunities for birth parents of unplanned pregnancies to select an adoption plan that will work best for them. The best way to choose an option is to be informed about choices you have.

A Act of Love’s supportive staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure you know what to do, how to do it, and to answer any other questions you may have throughout the process.

Pregnancy Resources
Utah Adoption Agency Staff

Get Advice from A Act of Love

Your choices matter. What you do with your life matters. And how you choose to handle your unplanned pregnancy matters. Make a choice that won’t leave you wondering if you did the right thing. A Act of Love Adoptions will be involved with you every step of the way, connecting you with adoptive parents who match your moral and philosophical desires, if you so choose. By choosing adoption over abortion or other options, you create more opportunities in the world for kindness and peace to prevail.

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