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A Act of Love Can Help You To Find The Right Home For Your Baby

Are you looking for the right family for your baby? Most birth mothers seeking adoptive parents want to make sure that they choose the best option. A Act of Love is the right place for you, here you can find everything you need to make the right choice.

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Adoptive Families

Pre-Approved Families

You can choose from the variety of families that have already been though the approval process and have already completed home studies. 

Financial Support

Financial Help

Get financial assistance including pregnancy and delivery expenses, travel costs, housing help, utilities, grocery needs, as well as adoption related legal fees.

Birth Parents Support


Counseling and support is available as long as you need. A Act of Love will help with communication with the adoptive family as long as you would like.

Expectant women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy frequently consider adoption as an option.  Many women who become pregnant and were not planning to get pregnant are often shocked, confused, scared and worried.

Having an adoption counselor to support them as they talk through their situation can be very helpful to relieve some of the worry, questions, and stress.  An adoption counselor is there to listen to needs, concerns, and questions.  Women who have received options counseling regarding their unexpected pregnancy often share how helpful it was to have someone available to just listen to them, not pass judgment and to offer all possible solutions for them to think about as they make their decision for their baby.

birth mothers seeking adoptive parents
Adoption Services

Our adoption specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; including weekends and holidays.  The specialists are ready to listen to you and what you want to talk about, to answer the questions you have and provide you with comfort and support.  Sometimes women also share that they are not sure what questions to ask and find it helpful to have the adoption specialist explain the adoption process.  It can be easier to listen to someone talk about how adoption works rather than read about adoption.

Finding an adoptive family for your baby can be one of your biggest concerns.  We have many approved adoptive parents that are waiting with anticipation to grow their family through adoption. 

A Act of Love Adoptions

Our families have an approved home study that includes medical clearances, FBI criminal and child abuse clearances and personal references that recommend them as adoptive parents.  The adoption agency’s social work staff has interviewed the adoptive families and visited their home to make sure it will be a safe and secure place for a baby.  The families have prepared themselves with adoption education classes, are certified in CPR and trained in infant care.  Most families have been preparing to adopt for years and are so ready to welcome their new baby into their home and provide them with so much love.

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