The support group is designed to help and include birth parents on any part of their adoption journey. Attendees will find support from staff members and other birth parents who have been brave, courageous and chosen adoption for their baby.  Some of the birth parents attending and leading the group placed 20 years ago and some birth parents are in the process of making an adoption plan.

The group is in a safe and  casual setting with loving birth parents leading group sessions to help provide healing, happiness, insight and looking forward to bright future.  Help make this YOUR support group and what you need!

Some of the topics and points of discussion are:

Your Adoption, Your Choice…What does adoption mean to you?

– What are some adoption myths & facts?
– Explain some of your own thoughts & feelings.
– How can you steer your own experience?
– Who are your Pillars of Support?

Why I Cry…Emotional Stages of a Birth Parent

– Do you understand the chemicals of the brain?
– What are the Stages of Grief?
– How have you found ways to cope?
– What personality type are you?

Considering Adoption? – Where to Start and What to Know

– What should you consider in a placement agency?  Private agency, adoption attorney, private adoption?
– Explain what you are looking for in a placement.
– Where can you find resources about adoption and help searching for adoptive parents?
– Explain the adoption process as you see it.

Nobody Understands! …Finding Support and Avoiding Discouragement

– Is the biological father in the picture?
– Where does your family stand concerning your adoption?
– Where do your friends stand concerning your adoption?
– Explain why it is sometimes easy to feel alone.

Navigating Adoptive Family Meetings – Do’s and Don’ts

– What do you want to say to the adoptive family?
– How can you express yourself without giving too much information?
– Is there a type of protocol when talking to adoptive families?
– Describe the “perfect” meeting between you and the adoptive family.

Post Adoptive Contact – What works for you?

– What are some reunification facts & myths?
– Why isn’t the adoptive family communicating?
– What does post adoptive contact mean to you?
– What if you change your mind about post adoptive contact?

Life During Pregnancy – Finding a Sense of Normalcy

– How can you keep from going stir crazy?
– Explain some things you are doing now….working, hanging with friends, joining a group of some type, attending church services, etc.
– What is your daily routine?
– What kinds of things can you do?

Healthy living, Healthy Choices

– Does your diet need to change while you’re pregnant?
– What are some do’s and don’ts concerning your health while you’re pregnant?
– Are drugs or alcohol playing a part in your pregnancy? How are they affecting the baby?
– Do you live in a stressful environment? How can that effect the baby?

Does It Ever Get Better?…Thoughts & Feelings After Placement

– Are you experiencing PTSD?
– Are you emotionally healthy?
– How can you find emotional health?
– What kinds of places/people can trigger thoughts and feelings?

Creating Good Boundaries & Relationships with…My Family, My Partner, My Adoptive Family, My Children, My Friends

– Do you know how to say “No?”
– What can you share and what should you keep to yourself?
– Where should you draw the line with friends? Family?
– Are you making your own boundaries?

What Do I Do Now?… Moving Forward with My Life

– What are you going to do after placement?
– What kinds of things will help you move on?
– What goals have you set? Accomplished?
– What do relationships look like now?

Memories….Keep Out or Put In a Box? Major Life Events Surrounding Placement

– What kinds of things should you hang on to after placement?
– Should you ask to be informed of major life events after placement?
– Is the adoptive family following through with post adoptive contact?
– What do you tell your future children about your placement?


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