The importance of family is becoming more valuable to me. I have recently heard many stories about families being torn apart, the influx of people filing for divorce, and the increasing number of children being harmed or killed by the hands of their own parents.

I am so thankful that I have a family who loves my children and me. I love my boys so much; they are one of the greatest sources of joy in my life. Their dad is now very involved in their lives, and he loves and cares for them. It makes me happy to see their dad do things for them and with them.

Safety was the biggest concern I had when I found out I was pregnant with Matthew, now two years old. I thought it was best to have an abortion because his birthfather had some serious anger management issues. I imagined him throwing my son out of anger or choking him or breaking his neck. These thoughts terrified me. That was my biggest fear, to have my son only to be taken away from me because his father became angry for just one moment.

It was a relief knowing that I could place my son for adoption. It was a relief knowing that I could do the right thing, give my baby life and not fear for his life. I am so thankful that Matt has such a wonderful, loving, and caring family. I know that they have a happy home. There is no violence or violent outbursts. They discuss things instead of using their fists to resolve conflicts. They truly value family.

I know that they value family because I got to know them before I placed my son with them. I enjoyed getting to know them and their family life. They are not perfect, but I have told them before that they are perfect for my son. Matt has everything I ever wanted for him, things that I (probably) never could have given him in this life. He has a mom and dad at home, together as a family. He has a family that loves him unconditionally and who have strong family values.

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We are all incredibly blessed to have found each other and to have grown our families through adoption.

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