Every adoptive couple that is searching for a birth parent to choose them goes through a similar process in preparing to adopt.  Once the decision to adopt has been made, perspective adoptive families will begin the road to adoption.  One of the biggest considerations and elements to the adoption is the finances.

Finances:  It is important to complete your research and truly understand the costs involved with an adoption.  Statistic show that most domestic newborn adoptions range from $8,000 – $40,000. This range may depend on the type of adoption you choose; private agency adoption, independent adoption with the assistance of an attorney or an adoption through your state foster care system.  International adoptions tend to range around $15,000 – $45,000.  These ranges vary greatly depending on each adoption situation.

Understanding that this range may or may not include medical costs for the birth parent and baby medical, is also important.  Take the time to talk to your medical insurance company to see if there is an insurance benefit available, visit with your Human Resource Department to see if your employer offers an adoption benefit and evaluate the funds you have available to pay for any medical bills that will become your responsibility.

Depending on your state laws, you may also be helping to provide for the birth parents living expenses; such as assistance with housing, utilities, phone, transportation, food and clothing.  Learning about the allowable pregnancy related expenses in your state and the state where the baby will be born will help to ensure that finalizing your adoption will not be a problem.  It will also help you when looking at your budget for the adoption.

The adoption agency, attorney or adoption professional you utilize to help complete your adoption should be able to provide you with a listing of the adoption related fees.  Getting a complete understanding of the services you will be receiving and the services your birth parent will be receiving allows you make a better decision.  Ensuring that your birth parent is receiving counseling and support helps to prepare them for the difficult time that occurs at the time of relinquishment and consents.  Understanding whether you, as the adoptive family will have help in finding a birth parent and the matching process, counseling, adoption education and support to communicate and build a relationship with the birth parent before birth, at birth and following the placement is critical in the success and ease of your adoption process and relationship with your birth parents.

Searching for Birth Parents:  Perspective adoptive parents will create a profile book to present to interested birth parents.  The profile book will contain photos and a letter detailing and outlining their life.  It should cover topics like how you met and formed your relationship, immediate family members, your extended family and friends, education and occupation, hobbies, talents and interests, your wishes for your child, thoughts on communicating following the adoption, wishing the birth parents the best as they make their decisions; among other items specific to your family.  The profiles may be placed on-line and on Facebook or shared through and adoption agency, attorney or adoption professional. Putting the time and energy to speak to birth parents from your heart and with sincerity will lead you to the right birth parent.  Birth parents are also search for adoptive families that will help provide their child with a forever, loving family.

Matching and Placement:  Once the match with an adoptive family is made, it is important to start building a relationship.  If you are working with an adoption agency, such as Act of Love the adoption team will provide the support and counseling to assist in creating a lasting and meaningful relationship. The agency can help guide and provide the education and support to building this relationship.  Having the support at the hospital and placement is part of the services offered by a full-service private adoption agency.  Understanding the support and services you will have through the relinquishment and placement is vital to a healthy and successful adoption.

Post-Adoption:  Once the legal adoption paperwork is complete to place the baby in the adoptive family home, the agency or attorney will help formalize the placement of the baby until the adoption is finalized.  Each state is different regarding the requirements and time prior to an adoption finalizing. Being prepared to provide the attorney with their fees to finalize the adoption needs to also be a consideration, as well as completing all of the post-placement supervisory requirements.  The post-adoption contact (open adoption) between the birth parents and adoptive families needs to be outlined and committed to prior to placing the baby.  It is important that each party understand the importance of the agreement for the child and the child’s future happiness.

We can help answer these and other questions, as well as to help adoptive families find the right birth parent and birth parents looking for adoptive parents to find each other.


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