Adoption Services with Act of Love

By allowing time and providing the best information possible, Act of Love assists adoptive families in making adoption decisions that are best for their family.  The staff at Act of Love makes every effort to build a positive working relationship with each client through one-on-one time and attention.  We seek to find the child the adoptive family is looking for while matching the wishes of the birth parents at the same time.  By our professional staff supporting the birth parents in their needs, the birth parents are able to know that their child is being loved and cared for by families who value them and their children and who appreciate the adoption process.

Standing out as one of the foremost goals of the agency is providing the best one-on-one support to both adoptive families, birth parents, and the community to understand and value private adoption as a vital, loving and beautiful way to create families.

We understand the needs of our clients and have worked in the adoption arena for over two decades.  The experience of the team is invaluable and helps lead birth parents and adoptive families to successful adoptions. Our team knows how to provide the support, education and assistance to help find the right match and build a successful and lasting relationship to benefit children that are placed for adoption.

With the focus of best interest of the child, decisions and steps are made to ensure the very best possible outcome for each child before, during and after the placement.

Adoptive families often comment that we take a great deal of the stress and pressure of adoption from them because our adoption team provides wonderful care and support of birth births physical and emotional needs.  The adoption support team is available 24/7 to meet the immediate and long-term needs of birth parents.

If you are considering adoption, want to get your adoption questions answered and learn more about adoption, contact our adoption specialists today.  Also, visit our website  at and our Facebook to keep up on what is new and happening at Act of Love.

Act of Love offers a Free – No Obligation Adoption Orientation for families considering adoption.  The orientation is designed to be comfortable and no stress to provide the community with a resource to learn about the process and joy of adoption.  Call us today to find out times and dates at  1-888-767-7740.

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