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"Adopt My Baby Craigslist" is not the safest choice

When you are choosing adoption, you are choosing life and a better future for you and your baby. 

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Adopt My Baby Craigslist

    Many birth mothers consider Craigslist as a place for adoption. They type phrases such as "adopt my baby Craigslist" to find families to adopt their baby. Adoption is an important and complicated process, and craigslist is not the most secure option for it.

    Also, it can be more beneficial by going through an adoption agency that can help you find adoptive parents who have been qualified to adopt and meet the requirements of state laws.

    Adopting through Craigslist can be against the law


    Most state laws don't allow adoptive families to go and adopt that quickly. Even if you put an ad on craigslist doesn't guarantee you will find a family for your newborn.

    The risk of putting an ad on craigslist is that you will receive phone calls and requests from people that you don't know. How do you know if they are ready to adopt?

    Most families are required by law to have a home study where they can prove mental and economically that they can adopt

    Benefits of an Adoption Agency

    Adoption Agency

    On the other hand, going through the process of finding a family through an adoption agency is the most beneficial and safest for you.

    Adoption agencies like A Act of Love adoptions make sure families meet all the requirements of the states. Also, they make sure the families can help you with adoption-related expenses, counseling, legal papers and more.

    You can get a social worker

    A social worker can help you through the whole pregnancy and make sure you feel good about your decision to place your newborn for adoption.

    Social Worker for Adoption
    Medical related expenses

    Pregnancy-related expenses

    Also, agencies can help you with the costs of your pregnancy. These funds will assure you'll have a great adoption experience, and you and the baby are safe through the whole process. Part of this budget includes medical expenses and legal fees.

    Adoptive family profiles

    One of the most significant advantages of choosing an adoption agency is choosing from a variety of adoptive families. Having this option will allow you to feel good about your decision and will enable you to have more alternatives.

    Adoptive Family profiles


    Adoption is a long journey, and you're going to face multiple emotions during your pregnancy. Here is where counseling is so important; you'll have the opportunity to express your feelings and get direction as you move forward to your due date. Counseling can be extended even after giving birth.

    As you can see, there are many benefits on why you will choose an adoption agency, and avoid the risk of doing it to a platform like craigslist. Many of the birth parents who type “adopt my baby craigslist” and consider going with an adoption agency instead, do it because it is more reliable.

    Craigslist vs Adoption Agency

    Why to Choose A Act of Love Adoptions

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