The AOL Outreach Program is a great option for home study ready perspective adoptive parents that want to extend their reach and search for their baby.  Many adoptive parents that are seeking adoption situations search on the internet for opportunities to match with birth parents.  Some create on-line profiles, Facebook ads and blogs for birth parents to find them.

This program has been successful in allowing many families to have the opportunity of building their family through an adoption match in the AOL Outreach Program. It is designed to help birth parents and adoptive families find each other, if a match cannot be made with full-service adoptive families.

The AOL Outreach Program has a minimal fee of $375 for home study approved families to search for their baby.  The approval in the program makes it easy to transition to the full-service program at the time of match.

The fee of $375 provides you:

• Another avenue to search for your baby
• A method for birth parents to search and find their family
• Approval for adoption with AOL
• Easy transition to the full-service adoptive family program, if desired

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Question:  Can you work with my state?  Answer:  AOL works with families and birth parents throughout the U.S.
  2. Question:  Is AOL able to use my home study?  Answer:  AOL can accept home studies that are prepared by licensed agencies or license professionals approved to perform home studies.  AOL will review the home study to make sure all of the requirements necessary for an approved home study are included in the home study.  Generally, only minor clarifications or additions are needed in the home study.
  3. Question:  When are the fees due?  Answer:  The initial fee of $375 is due at the time application.  The remaining fees for an adoption match are due at the time of match or 30 days prior to due date.  The AOL fee disclosures will provide specific information.
  4. Question:  Is the $375 refundable or used toward the fees?  Answer:  The fee is not refundable, but is used toward an adoption match with AOL.  AOL fee disclosures explain the refundable and non-refundable fees.

First Step to Begin Application in the Outreach Program:

  1. Submit a completed application along with the $375 fee.  A program letter will be provided to guide adoptive family through the steps for program approval.

Act of Love looks forward to getting you qualified in one the adoption agency’s programs.  Get started now to be ready for future adoption situations.  Birth parents contact AOL all the time for services and help finding an adoptive family.

For further information, please call Act of Love at 801-572-1696 or 888-767-7740.


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