As birth parents and adoptive families search for the right match, Act of Love gathers information from both to identify the criteria they would like to consider when making the decision to either place or receive a child for adoption.  The criteria will include the level of “openness” in the adoption each adoptive family and each birth parent desires along with many other parameters; such as health, size and type of family and interests.

The Outreach Program provides another avenue for birth parents who are searching for the right family to adopt their baby.  It is also a program that has been created to assist home study ready adoptive families find their baby. This program’s success has allowed many birth parents and families to have the opportunity to find each other and create beautiful families.  It is designed to help birth parents and adoptive families match, if a match cannot be made with full-service adoptive families within the agency.

The AOL Outreach Program is designed with a minimal fee for home study approved families to search for their baby and be considered by birth parents.  The initial fee of $375 to the adoption agency provides adoptive families with:

  • An opportunity to find their baby
  • Exposure to birth parents searching for their family
  • Pre-qualification for adoption with AOL
  • Easy transition to becoming a full-service adoptive family

If a birth parent has not found the family to adopt their baby in the Applied Full Service Program, they are then presented the information about adoptive families in the Outreach Program.  Outreach families will most likely not have the opportunity to be shown to all of our birth parents; the birth parents may choose an adoptive family from the Applied Full Service Program before any adoptive parents from the Outreach Program are shown to the birth parents. Although the chances of finding a child through the Outreach Program are lower, this programs allows pre-qualified adoptive families the opportunity to search for their child and birth parents another avenue to find the family to adopt their baby.

Call an AOL adoption specialist today to find out more information on becoming pre-qualified for adoption at AOL.  Our staff has years of hands-on and personal adoption experience to help guide you with confidence through the adoption process.

Once a match is made with a birth parent, adoptive families transfer to the full-service program.  Call today to speak with an adoption professional (801) 572-1696 or 888-767-7740.

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