Having someone to talk with and confide in is critical, when you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Our team can help keep your pregnancy private and be that confidant to support you. Telling your family and friends you are pregnant can sometimes be very difficult and you may feel you have no one to trust. Call today on the 24/7 hot-line 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 to speak with adoption professionals that understand your worries and concerns.

We can absolutely help you with a pregnancy and keep it confidential. Help is also available if you haven’t told anyone about your pregnancy and your baby is already born.

The experienced counseling staff will give you the one-on-one help to walk you through each step, so you can make the decisions that are right for you. Each adoption situation is unique and we can help you with your specific needs and concerns; including how to talk with your family and friends. Having helped 1000’s of women in your situation, we are here to help you with your emotional needs and to assist you in finding resources to support your financial needs. Let our adoption team that has personally experienced the adoption process provide you with the support you need before and after the baby is born.

Make sure that you have the support you need and deserve to make the important decisions for your unexpected pregnancy. You deserve the respect and support to make your choices in confidence.


  • Call 24/7 800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 for confidential support.

  • Our team can help you to decide when and how you want to tell your family about your decisions.

  • Counseling and help is free to birth parents.

  • Many pregnancy related expenses can be covered by the adoptive family.

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