A Act of Love Adoptions is a full service adoption agency that offers pregnant women the information, help, resources, options and counseling to assist you with your unplanned pregnancy. A Act of Love adoptions has had many birth mothers from Maryland call to inquire about its services. You are not alone in Maryland, whether you live in Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City, Frederick, Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Hagerstown, College Park or anywhere in between and have questions or concerns with your unplanned pregnancy. Give us a call we are here to help all those who experience unexpected pregnancies!

Adoptive families from all over visit our website on a regular basis to see the constantly updated adoptive situations that are available to approved adoptive families. These new situations generally include new birth parents that are ready to place their child for adoption due to an unplanned pregnancy with a loving and forever family. As a prominent national adoption agency, our experience and expertise can provide you with valuable and FREE adoption information.

Birth mothers visit our website frequently, as well to find the answers to their questions such as: “How do I handle my unexpected pregnancy?” “Who will Help Me?” “What will my child think if I place them for adoption?”. See additional unplanned pregnancy questions.

Additionally, birth mothers visit looking for a family to connect with for their unborn child while looking for answers, counseling and different types of adoptions available to them.

A Act of Love Adoptions takes pride in knowing that we are giving our birth parents, whether they call us from Maryland or any other state, as well as adoptive parents the information, education, support and counseling that is needed for a successful adoption. The care and compassion that the clients receive is deep-rooted from personal and intimate experiences with adoption. You will feel the care and concern and know that our adoption team will be helping you every step of the way.

Birth Mothers Seeking Adoptive Families

When seeking an adoptive family for your unborn baby you can choose what is right for you. We have a wide variety of families in Maryland and nearby states ready to adopt. To talk with a counselor or get a complete list of families Click Here.

Read what Birth Moms from Maryland are saying about their experience:

“I sincerely appreciated the exceptional service, attention and love received, the professional services provided, the happy energetic personalities and the optimistic and wonderful attitude of my counselor.” Birth mom A¦Maryland

For any questions or concerns regarding your unexpected pregnancy resources and information simply call your personal counselor 24/7 at 1-800-835-6360.

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