Many myths still continue to surround adoption today, but we do know that as our communities become better informed and understand that families are created in many different ways, the culture is changing.  Birth parents should be celebrated for choosing to give their child the life they hope and dream for them.  When birth parents search for adoptive families, they are searching for a family that is ready to love, nurture and cherish their child forever.

More Common Myths

Myth #4: You have to be a certain type of family in order to adopt.

Although in some states and adoption agencies, there are restrictions on marital status, age or sexual orientation, this does not preclude families of all types from adopting. There are organizations and agencies that will be happy to help provide you with adoption services.

Myth #5: Birth mothers are young high schoolers who have unexpected pregnancies.

Birth mothers have different stories and may be in their very early teens to those who are in their 40s. It is important to recognize this to be able to understand and connect with a potential birth mother. A birth mother may be an older married woman who already has more children than she is prepared to raise. She may be a career woman who is not yet ready for motherhood. She may be a high school or college student who cannot raise the child on her own and who wants to finish her studies. What is important is that the birth mother made the loving choice in seeking a family who will love and care for the child in a way that, in her current situation, she could not.

Myth #6: Birth mothers who are below 18 need their parents’ permission to decide about placing the baby for adoption.

In most cases, an individual needs to be 18 years of age to make legal decisions. However, this does not apply with regards to parenting and birth. In most states, the pregnant mother is the one who holds the rights to her child, including the decision to parent, to place the child for adoption or to have an abortion.  Call today, if you have questions about adoption and the myths and requirements.

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