A Act of Love is not limited to just LDS adoptions but all religions and faiths. Our goal is to help everyone who is looking to adopt regardless of their faith.

For women making a decision regarding an unplanned pregnancy and prospective adoptive parents looking for a placing agency, the Utah based adoption agency, Act of Love Adoptions, is a great option. With over two decades of providing full adoption services to both birth parents and adoptive families, Act of Love is well-known for its compassionate hand holding, extensive adoption knowledge, and personal attention details. Because of the 35 plus years of adoption experience, as well as, personal staff experience, Act of Love is able to guide you through the adoption journey with confidence.

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Often complimented for its comprehensive care of birth parents both before and after hours, personalized care and one-on-one attention Act of Love continues to be a leader in adoption services. Having a peace of mind during this life-changing journey with the attention and expertise of adoption professionals who have personally experienced adoption both before and after placement is a tremendous comfort for both birth parents and adoptive parents. The professional staff is composed of birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, and others with close personal experience in adoption. Having traveled the path of adoption coupled with experience and long-standing employment, the Act of Love staff offers a unique perspective in navigating the adoption process with confidence and success.

We are paying attention to all of the details in an adoption

Along with the personalized care and one-on-one attention, Act of Love Adoptions has well-established relationships with adoption professionals throughout the U.S. that assist Act of Love in effectively facilitating Interstate adoptions.

Consistently, adoption professionals and past clients around the United States refer clients to Act of Love for reliable adoption services and support. As well as referrals, Act of Love successfully advertises its services across the United States and attracts many interested clients. Adoptive families often times experience shorter waiting times and birth parents are able to begin receiving services immediately to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Act of Love is focused on making a difference for children by supporting and caring for birth parents and adoptive families through best adoption practice. Paying attention to all of the details in an adoption, along with building lifelong relationships within the adoption triad can truly make a difference in the life of a child. Specializing in post-adoption contact for many years has lead to building healthy relationships and creating a strong foundation for children. Birth parents and adoptive families have the security and comfort that Act of Love will provide support and guidance before, during and after placement.

LDS Adoptions

LDS Adoptions and Other Faiths

Many times, birth parents are seeking certain attributes and qualities in their adoptive families from family type to families without children and religious preference. A Act of Love is able to provide services to all types families and families of all faiths. The strong working partnerships around the United States and with local private agencies, religious organizations such as, Catholic Community Services and LDS Social Services, as well as, many adoption attorneys including along the Wasatch Front provides another opportunity to assist birth parents in finding the right adoptive family. An established Outreach Program provides options and choices for both birth parents and adoptive families to find each other and to make the choices that are right for their adoption plan.

Having placed over a thousand babies for adoption to Utah families and families throughout the United States, Act of Love Adoptions understands and appreciates that the adoption triad is best served by providing quality personalized, one-on-one adoption services. With the expertise and attention to adoption details, clients at Act of Love are provided with personal attention and a superior adoption experience. Act of Love Adoptions will continue to lead and build its heritage in the adoption community through its commitment to helping make a difference in the lives children, birth parents and adoptive families.

Conveniently located in Sandy, Utah, Act of Love is easily assessable for no-cost private appointments and monthly Adoption Information Orientations conducted by expert adoption professionals.

Understanding that birth parents and adoptive families need to know who they are working with and build a trusting relationship, Act of Love offers in-person, phone, email, and Skype contact. For further information and adoption support, contact Act of Love at 1-888-767-7740 or 801-572-1696, email to adopt@aactofloveadoptions.com or attend a free informal Adoption Orientation the first Tuesday of every month, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

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