Open Adoptions Can be Successful and Do Not Need to Confuse Children

Adoptive parents have a wealth of information available to them to learn more about the benefits and cautions of open adoption. Deciding what level of openness will be best for your family should be done prior to looking at possible adoption situations. When birth parents choose the adoption openness and post-adoption contact they wish for their adoption plan, they are expecting that the adoptive parents they select will honor their wishes for contacting and exchanging information. Adoptive parents should not accept adoption situations, if they are uncomfortable with the openness and post-adoption contact. Counselors and adoption specialists can help answer questions prior to an adoption match to help manage any concerns or questions.

There are times that even when everyone is in agreement with the openness and contact that issues and concerns may arise.  A great deal of the success of open adoptions begins with the foundation of the relationship and the education and guidelines that are provided to all parties.  Having a good adoption counselor and/or caseworker to help begin the relationship is vital to the continued relationship following placement.  The adoption counselors and caseworkers are also good resources and are a good option if  issues and concerns come up. Often times, just a little intervention to help with misunderstandings and expectations can put the relationship back on a good track. It is important to always remember that the relationship is always in the best interest of the child. The relationship will help the child to see that their birth family and his adoptive family both love them and want the very best for them.

Benefits of Open Adoption

  •  Gives children another way to understand their adoption
  •  Provides answers to adopted children
  •  Medical information can be more readily available
  •  Relieves the fears of adoptive parents about the unknown
  •  Helps birth parents to resolve grief and confirm their adoption placement decision

Openness exchanges are often done through the adoption agency with an adoption professional. Generally, when the exchanges are done through the adoption agency they are exchanged without any identifying information. Some adoptive parents and birth parents choose to exchange identifying information usually after the adoption is finalized. Having an intermediary prior to finalizing the adoption helps both parties to adjust to the changes in the relationship and openness plan going forward.  The adoptive family and birth parents can sign releases choosing the information that they would like to release to the other party.

Common Forms of Communication

  • Letter and pictures
  • Phone calls
  • Texts
  • Blogs
  • Skype calls
  • Exchanging emails
  • Facebook friends
  • Private Facebook page
  • Instagram
  •  Twitter
  • Pinterest

Setting up boundaries and expectations at the beginning will help both birth parents and adoptive parents know what to expect from the other. Respecting each others wishes and what is in the best interest of the child will provide for the best open adoption experience.

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