You do get to choose the adoptive family if you would like.  Some birth parents do choose to have our social work team set the adoptive family up for them that will best match their situation.  However, most birth parents like the option of reviewing profiles and selecting the adoptive family themselves.  As you are in the process of selecting a family, you have the option to do phone calls, Skype calls, or if the situation permits, meet the families that you are interested in, to help you in this process.

Call 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094 to find out how to select your adoptive family.

Birth parents select adoptive families based on their wishes:

  • Open, semi-open or closed adoption
  • Family with children or without children
  • Married and single families
  • Working or stay-at-home parents


A thought from a birth mom

birth-moms“Something that was a big plus was meeting my adoptive family. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to meet them. It was a great decision to meet them and I really am glad for the family I chose. I picked a wonderful family. I found a loving and caring family just like I would do if I had her myself. The adoptive parents were very understanding about how emotional this is. Meeting them let me be at ease. Now I can rest my eyes and know that my daughter is being taken care of.”  Birth mom Tara

Our caring and compassionate adoption team is here to help you get in a good place, so you can really consider your options as you choose an adoptive family.  It is important that your physical and emotional needs are met and that you have a plan for your future, as well.  We are here to help you and give you one-on-one support as you select a wonderful adoptive family for your baby.

Follow this link to see our waiting adoptive families

Call today to help plan for your future 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094


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