Zach & Leigh


Dear birth parent,

We are so excited for the opportunity for you to get to know us! Our names are Zach and Leigh! There are so many things that we want you to know about us as a couple and as individuals that will shape us into the parents that we hope to become. Early on in our relationship, we discussed creating our family through adoption. In those moments, even in the abstract, we started to create our dreams of becoming parents.

About us:
We met on an online dating app! After a few months of dating, we quickly became a family of 4 with our two dogs, Tucker and Riley, both are pugs! We easily developed routines and quickly found out that we were each other’s soulmates! After a year of dating, we got engaged, and just shy of a year after that, we had an intimate wedding during the pandemic!

Both of us are close with our family, though we are not geographically close to most of them. Our siblings are our best friends, outside of one another. I have an older sister and father, sadly my mother passed away over a year ago. Zach has a younger sister and a younger brother and parents who are still happily married! Zach’s sister is married and has two young girls, who could be their cousins! Over the last few years, our families have quickly become one, where invitations are extended to all our immediate family members for family functions. The whole family is over the moon with excitement and has shown abundant support for us with our adoption journey and they all cannot wait to add future grandchild or nieces/nephews to the family!

Zach and I have a beautiful home, where kids play kickball or basketball and ride bikes right in the cul de sac! We have several playgrounds nearby and we reside in a great public school district. We also have several friends that we live close to, who have young children that we are their “auntie” and “funkle” to that our child would grow up playing with. Additionally, I have a very welcoming church that I attend and have been a member since I was baptized as a child, and they have a fantastic children’s ministry that our child could be a part of as well!

We decided to buy a children’s book about adoption once a month, until we are placed with a child. We plan to read these stories to them at a young age and let them know their story about becoming part of our family through ways of adoption.

About Zach, written by Leigh:
Zach has a pure and loving heart; he will do anything that he can to show me how much he loves me (and the dogs too!) He consistently makes me laugh and smile; he loves to pull pranks on people, too! Zach has been an amazing support through all of life's challenges and he always has a positive attitude. But he can be goofy at times, too! Seeing him being silly and goofy with our nieces has shown me how amazing he will be as a father!

Zach puts his family first and means everything to him. He talks to his mom daily to check-in and he talks regularly with his dad about sports, too! His brother and sister are his best friends (aside from me), and they go to music festivals with one another. We are in constant communication with Zach's family through a group chat, which mainly consists of us asking for pictures of our two nieces!

I believe that Zach will put his child before anything else, he will love and support them through all of life's challenges as they grow. He will be an amazing cheerleader and coach through life for them!

A few of Zach’s favorite things:
- Concerts and music
- Playing and watching sports
- History and current events
- Spending time with his family

About Leigh, written by Zach:
I fell in love with Leigh after just our second date. I got home and said to myself, “I am going to marry her.” There has always been something about being around Leigh that just makes everything better. She has such an infectious smile and a way of loving and caring for people.

Since meeting Leigh, I am a better person and beyond lucky to have her by my side. Leigh is one of the kindest and most loving people I know. It shows with how much people love her in return. When she was diagnosed with cancer and through her treatment, the amount of outreach and love she received was amazing. Her friends, family, coworkers, and even acquaintances would send cards, flowers, deliver food, or just call to check in on her. People truly love her and that is a reflection of who she is.

Leigh is also very driven and motivated to be the best she can be. She continues to shine at work. If you look in her office, you will see multiple awards for the amazing things she does. I truly believe that this was all obtained because she will outwork anyone.

I am so lucky to have Leigh in my life. She brightens the lives of everyone around her and I know our child will be very lucky to have her as a mother.

A few of Leigh’s favorite things:
- Reading
- Crafting and sewing
- Traveling
- Spending time with her family and lifelong friends and their children

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as adoptive parents for your child! We appreciate the journey that you are on, to bring you to the path of adoption and we recognize that this decision is not easy. We can only imagine the emotions that you are feeling throughout this process, we have so many emotions, too! Please know that if you should choose us as the adoptive parents to your child, we will provide them with a safe and healthy home, family and friends to surround them, but most of all, endless love. We wish you nothing but the best on your journey!

Zach & Leigh


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