Tyler & Jess

Hello there! We hope to connect with you. We have dreamt of becoming parents for a long time and can’t wait to grow our family through adoption. We have struggled with infertility over the past six years and, through that journey, we have grown deeper in love with one another and in our understanding that God and family are first and everything else is secondary. We look forward to sharing those lessons with our children, nurturing their spirits, and providing them with every opportunity for a joyous and plentiful life. Here’s a little more about us.

Our Love Story

Tyler is a defense attorney and Jess is a prosecuting attorney. In 2013, we were assigned to work in the same courtroom on opposite sides of another. Tyler liked Jess but she was in a relationship. Then one day, that relationship ended and Tyler swooped in. Tyler didn’t want to lose the opportunity. At first, Jess thought Tyler was too short for her (because she is super tall) but Tyler was persistent and Jess quickly realized that height doesn’t matter. Now its eight years later and we keep falling deeper in love.

About Tyler from Jess

If you want to win on trivia night, Tyler is your guy. Tyler was a history and political science major in college and knows an impressive amount about U.S. and world history and politics (and everything else). Tyler loves to read and is even in a book club with some friends from work. He loves anything Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars related and is our family’s go-to Disney day planner.

Now for the mushy stuff. Tyler is the love of my life and most thoughtful person I know. On one of our family vacations, he went down to the beach every morning by himself and set up our family’s chairs and umbrellas. He is always doing little things to show me that he cares, like leaving sweet notes around the house, filling my gas tank without me asking, and sending me love songs. I know that Tyler is excited to be a father and I can’t wait to see our child experience the spectacular love that Tyler has shown me and our family.

About Jess from Tyler

Without a doubt I am the one who married up. Literally. Jess is taller than I am, but is also staggeringly beautiful, intensely compassionate, and fiercely loyal.

Jess has a huge heart for everyone that comes into her life. She is an amazing aunt to her nieces and nephews and never hesitates to plan an activity with them so we can spend time together.  She loves spending time with our family and seeking out new adventures.

Jess loves discovering new things and interests. She is the dreamer in our marriage, but is also detail-oriented.  Jess is the one who comes up with exciting things to do on a whim – if you need a last minute trip planned or want to explore a place, she is your woman.

Knowing how well she cares for me, I know that Jess has been ready to be a mother and will provide a child with unconditional love, support, and encouragement.

About our Lives Together

Whether it is weekday dinners or weekend camping trips, most of our free time is spent with our family. Although Tyler is an only child, his parents are active and a lot of fun and Jess has three siblings, and seven nieces and nephews, so there is always something going on.  Most of our family, including both Tyler and Jess’ parents, live between 15 minutes and three hours from us.

No weekend is the same – one weekend may find us headed to Disney, while the next may find us taking our RV out with our family to explore a new place in the state or to take us back to our favorite campground nearby.

We love traveling close to home and learning more about our community, but also like to find new places and discover them together.  Our two dogs accompany us on most of our trips and love exploring with us – Ruby, our French bulldog, is very social and will make friends with anyone she comes across, while Bruce, our hound mix, is shy and sweet.

Although we love to travel to places both near and far, we equally enjoy being home. Our faith is very important to us, so we always make time to attend church services and other activities at our local church. At home, we can be found cooking new recipes together or hanging outside in our pool. We look forward to the day when our home is filled with the wonderful sounds of children.

We recognize that you have an important and very personal decision to make and we pray that you have peace and comfort during this process. We will be forever grateful for your courage and strength and we hope that this glimpse into our lives is just the beginning of our connection.

Thank you!

Wishing you all the best,

Tyler and Jess

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