Tate & Taylor

Tate & Taylor
Dear Friend,
We pray for you every day—for your health, your happiness, your confidence, and perhaps most importantly, your peace. We admire and respect you and are incredibly grateful for the chance you are taking to get to know us. We hope that our words convey just how excited we are to grow our family and how honored we would be to accept the responsibility to love and parent your child.
If you were a fly on the wall at our house you may see tickle fights, family dinner, dance parties, a card game, a trip being planned, a walk around the neighborhood, Tate coming home early from work so we can have a family night at the golf course, reading books, cuddling on the couch with our favorite show and favorite movie theatre popcorn, baking treats for family (and always sneaking a bite of the batter), praying in gratitude, playing in our fun yard, and a whole lot of love. We can’t wait to add another little one to the mix! If you choose to place your baby with us, we’d love to stay connected with you so you can continue to have glimpses into their life.
What I love about Taylor, written by Tate:

Taylor has been my best friend since I was 12 years old. She is so thoughtful and always knows what she can do to help other people feel loved. She is always so excited to take on new challenges and is willing to try anything. She has a deep appreciation for snacks, traveling, a good book, and a good walk. Taylor is a source of courage–with her by my side
I’ve accomplished things I didn’t think I could. Taylor improves the life of everyone she makes contact with–she is a force for good in the world and stands up for those who cannot do so themselves. She is a loving mother, wife, daughter, and aunt. She is the best of the best.

What I love about Tate, written by Taylor:

Tate is the best husband and best friend I could ever ask for. He makes me laugh everyday, and is so thoughtful. He’s a loyal friend and is generous beyond belief–he always puts the needs of others before his own. Tate is an excellent listener and has a way of saying exactly what you need to hear. He makes me feel like I can do anything in the world, and because I have his help, I know I can. Tate puts me and Leo first–his family means EVERYTHING to him.
Tate has a picture book that he reads with Leo each night when he gets home from work.
Leo pulls that book right off the shelf and takes it to Tate when he gets home. Getting Leo to sit still is practically impossible, but he will cuddle and read that book with Tate. Watching their bond is priceless.

What we love about Leo, written by Tate & Taylor:

Leo is curious! He is constantly on the move, exploring. and trying to figure out how everything around him works. Leo gives the best kisses and lets out the biggest gasps when someone he loves walks into the room. The joy we feel when he is racing towards us is inexpressible We love watching Leo learn new skills and the joy he finds in everyday things like books, using his own fork, and turning lights on and off. He’s taught us how to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. His happiness, laughter, and sweet innocence are such a light in our home.
It’s hard to sum up our love for Leo in just a few short words, because honestly, we love everything about him!

Our promise to you:
-We promise to be open with your child about their adoption story, and to instill in them that it is something to be proud of. We will love being able to tell them about you and how much you love them.
-We promise to teach them to be kind and to be the bigger person.
-We promise to be a safe place for them to turn to ask questions and share their feelings.
-We promise to help them work through and learn from mistakes that they will make.
-We promise to create an environment where they will laugh, be happy, and grow into the wonderful person you are imagining that they can be.
-We promise to LOVE them as you would have us love them. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.

No matter what you decide, please know that we are cheering you on from the sidelines. The amount of love that you are showing by making this decision speaks volumes to the type of person that you are.
All our love,
Tate & Taylor

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