Dear Birth Parent,

My name is Sarah and I have lived in the same city my whole life, except for the five years I spent college and graduate school. My parent’s, Toni and David, live a mile from me and still live on the same street where I was raised. I am very close with my parents. I speak with them daily and see them frequently. My older brother, Noah, lives with his two children, Meir and Rina , and wife Nadia. Nadia is Japanese/American. I have very close relationships with both Meir and Rina.
Ever since I was a young, I have worked with children. Either as a babysitter, camp counselor, or swim teacher. So, it was no surprise, when I decided to go to school for teaching. I currently teach Kindergarten at a private school. Before teaching at this school, I taught in other private schools, as well as two public schools. While growing up my family enjoyed doing a variety of activities together. We are an engaged family and really love the outdoors. All of us love to swim. My parents have a swimming pool in their backyard, and we spend many, many summer days by the pool. Both Meir and Rina learned to swim in that pool! I have taught swimming lessons there too. We also love hiking. When I was young, we went on family hiking vacations to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Arches, and the Tetons. We also spent part of our summers at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
As a grown-up, I have continued being very active. I enjoy going to the gym, swimming (both for exercise and for fun), and being outdoors. I also love to cook. Both of my parents cook and as a child I spent time cooking with them. Along with being very active, I was also raised Jewish. Although I am not religious/observant, my brother, Noah, is a Rabbi and teaches Jewish Studies at a university. He has raised his children in a religious home. My parents are not as observant as my brother, but do attend synagogue regularly. I have chosen to not attend synagogue except on occasional holidays. I do enjoy the values and traditions that being raised in a Jewish family has given me. Family dinners were always a part of my childhood and they have continued into my adulthood.
My motivation to adopt came from my very strong desire and life-long dream of becoming a mother. When my doctors told me that it was not advisable for me to bear my own child, I spent time grieving, and then made the decision that adoption was the route I wanted to take. I Any child that enters into my life and my family’s life will be loved and valued. The city where I live has many ways to integrate as a family based on ethnic background and family type. Many adoptive families, including those with different races within them, have outings and gatherings to provide support and cultural activities that I will embrace. After adoption, I am open to various forms of communication with you, if you wish to do so. As the child grows, I know he/she may question where they came from and have questions about you. The dialogue will be open and developmentally appropriate based on the age of my child when he/she begins to ask questions. Last, but not least, I can only imagine how challenging the decision you are facing is. I hope to reassure you that if you choose me, I will love this child with all my heart and soul and give him/her the best possible home. Thank you for trusting me now and in the future.

Warmest regards

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