Dear Friend,

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me as a prospective parent.  I have wanted a family for as long as I can remember. I always envisioned myself raising a couple of children and providing a loving home.

I know life doesn’t always go as planned, and I am so grateful that my path to motherhood is through adoption. I cannot express how excited I am at the possibility of welcoming a child into my life and building my family. They will be so loved and appreciated!

With both my parents working, my brother and I spent most of our time with my grandparents, who lived next door. My maternal grandfather was a huge part of my life, and he spent countless hours teaching me everything he could.

Growing up, I was very interested in learning. My grandfather taught me many things including how to garden, how to cook, and how to play cards. Most importantly, he taught me the importance of family! This shaped me into who I am today. There is nothing I love more than spending time with family and friends and making the most out of our time together. I look forward to building a family of my own to create these same memories that I so fondly remember.

As you can probably tell from my pictures, all of my interests include my immediate family in one way or another. I enjoy golfing with my aunt and attending baseball games with my parents and my brothers’ family. We spend time together playing games, picnicking and so much more! I enjoy the outdoors and traveling. I also like to see new places and experience new things with my family and friends.

I live in a brick home that I purchased in 2016. Before moving in, I remodeled everything from top to bottom. I refinished the original hardwood floors myself. It was a fun project getting to pick out the paint colors, kitchen and bath fixtures, lights, trim, etc. My goal was to create an inviting home for my growing family.

The neighborhood I live in is the same neighborhood where I grew up. My house was built by my great aunt and uncle, where I spent a lot of time in the basement with my great aunts learning how to make cookies. I now make these same cookies in my kitchen.  Its fun how these memories came full circle.

My neighborhood is family-friendly. My aunt, my brother (his family), and my parents all live on the same street as I do. We see each other often. We live on a dead-end street that is next to the woods where we spend time walking. We have a lot of deer, turkey, and sometimes bear and coyote that show their presence. I love this aspect of my neighborhood. My town is small but very close-knit. We have good schools and great youth sports programs. I am a volunteer coach for our little league. I can’t think of a better place to raise a family, especially near my immediate family.

My childhood defined how I want to raise my own family. I spent a lot of time with my extended family. After college, I moved a couple of hours away from my hometown, where I spent 13 years. Knowing I wanted to give a child an upbringing similar to mine, I knew it was time to move closer to my family. Now that my family surrounds me, I am more than ready to be a mother. My brother and his wife have two girls, who I absolutely adore and spend as much time with them as possible! We are constantly together. They always want to have sleepovers with Aunt Rani, and I never say no, of course! My nieces are compassionate and caring and would be very protective of a little cousin.

My parents are also very active in my life and my brothers. My nieces spend a lot of time with them as well, since they are just across the street— we also alternate holidays between our houses. I host Easter, my brother hosts Thanksgiving, and my parents host Christmas. These traditions are so important to us. My father helped me build a table large enough for my entire family to enjoy Easter at my home. It is the perfect centerpiece of my home. When the weather is nice, my family enjoys having dinner together at one of our houses, or we take a trip and have a picnic somewhere.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about me. I hope you can see that  your child would be welcomed into a close family that will love and support them.  I will support the level of openness that you desire and will always make sure your child knows how much you love them.

I promise to be there for your child, through the good and the bad. I will be a strong advocate for him/her and will always put your child first. Nothing makes me more excited than having the opportunity to open my home and life to your child! I am beyond grateful that you are creating an adoption plan for your child and allowing me to become a mother.

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