Bill & Meghan


Dear Birth Parent,

Hello! We are Meghan and Bill. Thank you for considering us to be your baby’s adoptive parents. Thank you for opening your heart to us.
We promise to honor your choice by giving your child a life filled with love, educational resources, activities, and emotional support. They will know how special they are and how much they are loved by you and by us. We respect your decision to trust in us to care for them and show them love.

We understand the decision to place your child for adoption can be stressful and difficult. We pray for your health and hope that you find peace in your heart. We would like to exchange photos and letters through the years if you are open to having this connection with us. We have the dream of becoming parents one day and growing our family. We tried to have children together, but we were not successful. During the disappointments and difficult times, we always discussed adoption. We have family and friends with beautiful, successful adoption stories and this always gave us HOPE. We have always felt in our hearts there is a special child who needs our love and care as much as we need them in our lives.
A bit about us as a couple:

We met on New Year’s Eve in 2014 at a mutual friend’s party. After a few months of dating, we knew we wanted to get married and share our lives together. We also shared the hope of one day growing our family. We enjoy the simple things in life, as well as special moments. We look forward to sharing the things we love to do with a child. We view each other as supportive partners and we share similar values. We believe our lifestyle is complimentary to becoming parents and nurturing a child.

A bit about Meghan:
I would describe myself as happy and upbeat. I have a work background in retail and hospitality. My college degree is in English Literature. I love cooking and making food for family and friends. I am creative and I always try new craft projects. In the past I have made candles, soaps, shower bombs and I love using essential oils. I have a strong faith. My relationship with God helps keep me centered and positive during difficult times. I am so excited and humbled about the opportunity to become a mom.

A bit about Bill:
I would describe myself as kind and calm. I have a work background in automotive sales. My college degree is in Engineering. I also have a Masters Degree in Business. I love art, history and learning about new things. I also love all sports and I enjoy watching games. Exercising is part of my daily routine. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am open to adventures and exploring new places. I am looking forward to the opportunity to become a Dad.

Our promise:
We know life is a combination of good times and difficult times and we promise to be there for our child every step of the way. They will know how special they are. We will do our best to support and nurture their identity by learning and growing together. We want them to be a kid and have fun. We will help them have faith and see the good in life. Education is very important and we will help them use their gifts to live a good life. We want them to have faith, spirituality and to love themselves and others.
We truly hope you find peace and comfort in creating your adoption plan. Please know that we have love for you in our hearts. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.


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