Nick & Sabrine

Dear Birth Parent:

We are Sabrine and Nick and are so grateful you would consider us as parents for your child. We would like you to know we understand how challenging of a decision this is for you. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision and admire your courage and strength.

We are committed to ensuring that your child will grow up with love and generosity and strong family values. Your child will also have a sibling to grow up with and have as a part of their life as they grow older.

A Little Bit About Us:
The first time we met each other in January 2012, we were both working overseas in Europe, introduced by a mutual friend. Nick made the first move arranging a romantic dinner at a Cuban restaurant.

We ended up dating long distance for over a year before we settled in Wisconsin and ended up marrying in 2016. Our life in Wisconsin is centered around faith, family and friends, cooking, sporting events, and music.

A Little Bit about Sabrine:

While I grew up in New York, life took me on a journey living in several places like Detroit and overseas in Belgium where Nick and I met.

Passion has always guided me in life. I am warm and caring by nature, wear my heart on my sleeve too often, but also tough when it comes to standing up for what I believe in. I treasure my relationships with my husband, family and friends, I love to cook and spend time at home with the people I love.

A Little Bit About Nick:
I was born and raised in Wisconsin where I still reside with my wife Sabrine and our son Canaan. I have a very personal connection to adoption as my cousin Heather was adopted by my Aunt. My best memories are built around my family planning/going on trips, playing together, getting together over the holidays, or just a simple visit with my Mom, Dad, or Sister.

Sports are my greatest passion. I am very active and still compete in basketball and baseball leagues to keep my competitive spirit going. If I am not playing, I am typically watching sports or getting Canaan out to play and teaching him about the sports I love.

A Little Bit About Canaan:
Canaan is very excited to welcome home a brother or sister. After our home visit was completed he asked the adoption social worker if he was now going to have a sibling. We had to explain to him that it does not happen that quickly but would happen soon.
He is a very caring and sympathetic child always concerned over our well-being. The way he interacts with his younger cousins we know Canaan will be a great big brother. He carries an incredible sense of humor, loving to make us laugh whenever he gets the chance. Canaan loves sports, especially basketball and baseball and cannot wait to have another teammate in the household.

Why Adoption:
We have so much love to offer your child and hope that we can welcome them into our home and grow the family. We always hoped for a big family with siblings since we grew up with one sibling, each, and several cousins.

After a very challenging first pregnancy and birth with complications, we found out that we were unable to conceive a second child due to infertility.

Adoption has blessed our family with siblings as well. Nick’s Aunt also could not have children and grew the family through adoption. Nick is close with his cousin,
Heather, who continues to give us guidance and is ready to offer your child support and love.

Our Promise to You
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We promise to give your child a home full of love, respect, growth, and opportunity. As mentioned, your child will be cared for, loved, and supported by so many people. We know the importance of your child knowing about their heritage and promise to tell your story while encouraging a relationship with you. We all cannot wait to meet you!

With Love… Sabrine, Nick and Canaan

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