Mike & Heidi

We appreciate the choices that you are considering and only ever want it to be the right choice for you and your child. Thank you for taking the time to read about our family.

We were sad to know that infertility would be an issue that we would have. Both of us come from large families and always hoped that children would be included in our home one day.

We are grateful that our daughter Honora and son Hezekiah joined our family through adoption. For certain, they will always know how much we adore their birth mothers. Honora loves people with her passionate spirit. Hezekiah is soft spoken, but loud and playful. He loves to figure things out with his engineers mind. Honora is a great big sister and Hezekiah loves babies! We strive to help them reach their current and future goals. Being the best version of themselves. We look forward to watching them grow as our family does.

With our personal adoption journey experience and mentoring other couples with their adoption journey, we now can not imagine anything more special or meaningful than growing our family through adoption. Being part of surrounding a child with the care, love and choices for their best interest and growth. A truly loved child!

Before leaving her family childhood home, Heidi always had children around the house. She likes to keep things simple by nature and loves the adventures of siblings in the home. She appreciates the opportunity that having a business can give as a resource to children as they grow and begin to make decisions for their futures. The opportunity to have flexible family time is also such a wonderful gift. I.E. Mike has made it a tradition to come home during the work day to play with the kids, when we get snow.

Knowing that he wanted children, Mike knew that a wife with similar beliefs and values was so important for him and his future family. We met when Heidi was an employee at our current place of business. We have known each other for a long time, married and now Heidi is working at being a stay at home mom. We have a toy friendly back yard with our own ranch style home. Heidi always seems to have a special adventure lined up for the kids to do.

As a family we enjoy each others company and love looking for ways to spend together. We often visit with Daddy at work where there is a very family friendly environment, with extended family employed. As well as, visits to Grandma’s house, rides on the tractor, camping, fishing, going for walks and playing on the beach. The best memories seem to be in the simple moments that we share.

We are so incredibly thankful for the amazing support group surrounding us and our family. We have multiple generations of family close by and we all help wherever needed. We love our local church and community!

Thank you again for planning for your child’s future. We are honored for the consideration of our home.

Mike & Heidi

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