Matthew & Jackie

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Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We are so excited about the possibility of adding another member to our family. We will never underestimate how difficult this decision must be for you, and we want you to know that this is a journey that we will all take together. We hope that you feel loved and supported during this time and that you find peace in the decision that you feel is best for you and your child.

Our home is filled with love, random dance parties, family dinners, holiday celebrations, laughter, education, and support. Even though our journey is different from yours, we share the same goals which are to provide a supportive, safe, and loving home that your child can thrive in.

A little bit about us
After getting to know each other through mutual friends, it was clear to us that we were meant to be together. We have been married for 9 1/2 years and in 2017, we were blessed with our son, Logan. Our families and friends are very important to us, and they are a big part of our lives. Both of our professional careers have flexible schedules, which allows us to be extremely present and involved in our son’s and future children’s lives.

Being parents is THE MOST important part of our lives! We love to coach our son’s sports teams, go to professional sports games, explore hiking and walking trails as a family with our dog Silas, go on family vacations, take part in school events, and have cozy family movie nights at home with extra buttery popcorn! We are always looking for new and exciting activities or adventures to create happy and fun memories.

About Jackie
I am very committed to my family, and I always strive to be the best advocate for our son when it comes to his health, education, and activities. Being a wife and mother is the most important part of my life. I am also dedicated to my career as a freelance graphic designer. I enjoy coaching our son’s soccer team and being involved in his school activities.

About Matthew
I enjoy making people laugh and family always comes first. Spending time with Jackie and our son, Logan, is the most important thing to me. My greatest achievement is my family. My job as a police officer allows me to have a flexible schedule. I love coaching Logan’s baseball and track teams.

About Logan
Logan is full of love, energy, curiosity, and bravery. He is a happy, animal-loving, funny child, who usually starts the day by singing a song! Logan is a very social child and loves being involved in school events, sport teams, and play dates with his friends.

We promise to cherish all the moments and memories that are created, and we will never take them, or the decision that you have made, for granted.

We promise to fill your child’s life with love, support, laughs, and happiness.

Thank you!
Please know that we are available to speak to you if you have any questions prior to making your decision. After placement, we would love to share photos and updates with you if that were something you would like. Should you decide to place your child with us, you will forever be in our hearts and a very important part of your child’s story.

With love and support,
Matthew + Jackie

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