Kunal & Heidi


Dear Expectant Parent,

We are Heidi and Kunal, and we are honored that you are taking time to learn about who we are and the type of parents we hope to become.

We know that you are making a very difficult decision and that you love your child. Thank you for considering us to be your child's adoptive parents.

A little about us…

We both grew up in supportive and close-knit families. Honoring both of our families and their cultures and traditions is very important to us. We celebrated our love with two wedding ceremonies, an Indian ceremony and an American wedding the next day. We celebrate Christian holidays with Heidi’s side of our family and some Hindu holidays with Kunal’s side of our family. Spending time with family is something we value highly!

Our Favorite Activities

We both love to read and often listen to audiobooks together—including when we’re on road trips. We love to travel! Maui is our favorite vacation spot, but we’ve also enjoyed trips to many National Parks and other beautiful spots in the US and abroad.

We love to hang out with family and friends, watching movies, doing puzzles, and playing board games. Kunal never passes up a chance to play sports with our nephews and nieces, and Heidi enjoys playing, reading and talking with them.

About Heidi

Hobbies: taking pictures, making photo books, and decorating birthday cakes
Book series: Anne of Green Gables
Movie: Beauty & the Beast
Music: Contemporary Christian
Food: Chocolate

About Kunal

Hobbies: watching and playing sports, poker, scuba diving, and video games
Book series: The Wheel of Time
Movie: A Knight’s Tale
Music: Pop/Rock
Food: Thai or Chinese

Our Home

We have amazing neighbors, and our community has miles of walking trails, nearby playgrounds and pools, a great library system and outstanding schools. Our large back yard is perfect for playtime and cookouts on the deck. Kunal loves to cook, and Heidi loves to bake. We both can’t wait to share our large collection of children’s books and Disney movies with a little one!


Kunal believes in a higher power, and Heidi believes in a loving God whom she knows through Jesus. Kunal is supportive of Heidi’s church involvement, and we both like to volunteer and give to organizations that help people.

As a multi-cultural couple, honoring diversity is a value we share. We are happy to live in an area where differences are celebrated.

A New Adventure

We are secure and in a good position to create a loving and nurturing environment for a child. Our hearts are filled with joy at the thought of bringing a child into our home, and Heidi is looking forward to becoming a stay-at-home mom.

We've been on many adventures, but we believe that parenting will be the greatest adventure of our lives—one that we can't wait to start!

Thank You

You’re making a huge decision, and we thank you for considering adoption. We want you to know that we respect you, and we have been praying daily for you and your baby.

Should you choose to go on this journey with us, please know you will always have a very special place in our hearts and—we hope—in our family.

We will share our child’s adoption story with them, and we hope they will have a relationship with you.

A child in our family will grow up with loving role models from many backgrounds, which we hope will instill in them confidence and the ability to relate to and respect people wherever the world takes them.

We look forward to starting our journey together!


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