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Ciao Bella! Hello Beautiful!

We are Kemper, a pilot, and Amanda, a Flight Nurse (think flying hospital!), both proudly serving in the United States Air Force and currently living in Germany. As you read this and visit our profile, we hope you understand who we are and how incredibly thankful we are that you are considering us for the honor of raising this precious child. Just as the Nerf gun dart shot from Amanda across a crowded room during an awards banquet captured Kemper’s heart, we hope our playful and committed spirits continue that legacy of love and are evident. We can assure you we want more than anything to love, support, and encourage our future children. Just as we have committed to each other, we would devote ourselves to this child, showing up every day, should we be so honored.

We knew from our first date that building a family would be a challenging endeavor, but embarking on our journey through adoption has our hearts bursting with joy and hope. Though infertility complicated our situation, our commitment to building our family has never wavered. Our love for our future children was first cultivated in our hearts when we met, and has only grown as we continue to dream and discuss how we will raise our little miracles. Our driven and ambitious spirits afforded us endless adventures in life. We hope to continue to provide our future children with many opportunities to experience various cultures and places through travel, all while creating memories and meeting new incredible people along the way.

Raising a child takes more than a set of parents, and we’ve surrounded ourselves with a village of family and friends that we built through meaningful and dedicated relationships to help us on this journey of parenthood. We are beyond excited to see how our future family is shaped.

There are many things we will be devoted to instilling into a child’s upbringing; here are some of our commitments to you:

• We are committed to ensuring this child is raised in a safe home and environment, giving them a space to explore and navigate their own ambitions and goals.
• We promise to provide this child an education and guidance on how to enter and thrive in this ever-changing world, encouraging them to embrace culture, people, and life’s gift of opportunities.
• We vow to raise this child to understand and embody kindness, generosity, and hospitality, and we promise to make sure they feel seen and have a known sense of belonging in our family.
• We hope to establish and build a connection with our child’s birth family. We’re committed to sharing where they came from and how love played an immense role in ensuring they were afforded the best possible future through an open adoption.

Parts of our hearts go untested and untouched until granted the opportunity to experience a parent’s love for a child. Amanda’s struggles with infertility taught her this, and she continues to honor and cherish these lessons every day. We understand your decision to put this child in the arms of a family you are only just beginning to know is something that can only be understood and accepted by your heart alone. Still, we hope that as you start your journey as a mother making the difficult decision of whom you may trust, you can rest easy in the knowledge that, should you choose us, this child would be surrounded by love, playfulness, and adventure for all the days of their life.

We cannot begin to know your heart, your grief, or your journey, and we lack the understanding of how conflicted you must feel about making the right decision for yourself and this child. As Amanda’s tattoo states, “Storms make trees take deeper roots;” this storm, your storm, is simply the foundation for a beautiful future. We are ready to expand our family and our hearts as we enter this journey together with you.
Let your heart rest easy as you shape your desires for this child’s future.

With love and excitement,

Kemper and Amanda

Amanda + Kemper // wedding weekend

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