Jordan & Jess

Dear Birth Parent,

We write this to you with deep respect for the careful decision making that has brought you to reading this. First, we acknowledge the mutual trust that must go in to this relationship and would like to express our desire to welcome both you and your child into our lives with open arms. We understand how complex this decision must be and it is our goal to remain open and honest about who we are and how we live our lives. For years, we have looked forward to the privilege of raising a child together and showing them everything that we love about the world.
We grew up in the same town about five minutes away from each other, went to the same schools and became best friends in high school. We started dating after Jordan asked Jess to senior prom. We went to different colleges in the same state but stayed together through it all. A year after graduating college (and six years into our relationship), we were married. Our relationship has endured four moves, three different states, the eight year journey through medical training, four graduations and two home purchases. We truly can’t remember life without each other. We are still best friends and love to explore all that the world has to offer together. We are very silly and you can typically find us doubled over in laughter.

We absolutely love kids and have always known we wanted children. We love spending time with our nieces and nephews and a lot of our friends have young children that we love to play with. Jess’ medical training set the timeline back a little as we both wanted to be as available as possible for our children. We had always talked about adoption given the awesome role it played in Jordan’s family (he has three adopted siblings). We were a bit surprised when we got pregnant very quickly at the end of Jess’ medical training. We were even more surprised and heartbroken when we lost the pregnancy due to complications in the second trimester. We took some time to think about the different options ahead of us and decided that adoption was the right path for us all along.

Our families and friends were so excited when we told them that we were adopting (especially Jordan’s younger siblings). We have a great community of people who will love and nurture our children alongside us. We understand that parenting is far different than babysitting for a weekend and will present us with new daily challenges. After being married for almost 12 years and going through some tough stuff together, we are excited for this next adventure of growing together as parents.

We very much look forward to growing our family through adoption. Regardless of your choice, we hope that you find the perfect fit for you and your child.

Jordan and Jess

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