John & Staci

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We are John and Staci and are grateful for the privilege for you to get to know us better for your big decision. We applaud your bravery, heart and trust in someone you do not know yet to give your child a supportive, loving and stable home. It is through your decision that we are able to dream about family traditions, envision the faces of proud grandparents and watch our hopes become reality. We will honor your legacy and place as the birth mother to make sure your culture and identity are at the forefront of their raising and knowledge. We will promise to always be present through supporting and developing your child’s imagination, talents and loving them through both good and bad times.

Adoption means the world to us and would mean fulfilling our lifelong dreams of raising a family. Neither of us are able to have children naturally on our own so adoption would mean fulfilling our dreams through the reality of your bravery and faith in us as a couple. Parenting to us means that we are able to inspire creativity, develop family traditions and encourage a relationship with birth parents. We promise to love your child as our own, support through both good and bad times, make sure they are taking care of in all ways possible and make sure they are aware of who you are and the sacrifices that you have made. We promise to teach the child the importance of education, value in being a good citizen that loves all people and how to prepare for their future.

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