Jeff & Anna

Dear Birthmother,

I’m sure you’ve already been through a lot of ups and downs. I’m sure life is going a little different than you planned. I’m sure the many decisions you’re having to make is overwhelming at times. But you are brave. You are strong and courageous. You are the definition of mother; providing the best you can for your child, no matter the sacrifice. For this, we will be forever grateful to you. And we will cheer you on as your future continues to unfold. With an open adoption, we hope to provide you the continued support and communication you need to be happy with your decision and your life, knowing that your child is loved and cared for by a family who desperately wants to grow. Thank you. Two simple words that seem to lack the grandeur and gratitude we feel for you, but the two words that will echo in our hearts forever.

We have been married for almost 15 years! We love each other and our kids fiercely. We strive to help one another fulfill our dreams, and we work hard to help our kids nurture their talents and become their best selves. Education is important to us and we encourage our kids to do well in school and make a path for themselves to become whatever they want down the road. We also know that having a hobby adds to and enriches life. Each of our children is involved in a sport, activity, or instrument that makes them happy. Watching them find joy in their experiences is one of the best parts of being a parent. We’re excited to provide this opportunity to your child as well; to watch, cheer, coach, encourage, love, and see who they’ll become!

Jeff (written by Anna) is a business and securities attorney and owns his own law firm. He is kind, gentle, supportive, and loving. He is the hardest worker with the biggest heart. He loves soccer, chocolate chip cookies, and working at the family cattle ranch. Working with the land rejuvenates his soul. He speaks Spanish fluently, serves faithfully in our church, and can always add a touch of humor to any situation. His favorite place is wherever his wife and kids are and he loves going on family vacations to make extra memories with them!

Anna (written by Jeff) is a stay-at-home mom, the owner of a cheesecake bakery, and a major foodie. She is very observant and always notices when someone around her needs an extra boost of encouragement or a little gift (usually a treat) to let them know someone is thinking about them. Anna was extremely successful academically in high school and college but always knew she wanted to be home nurturing and loving her family. No matter how crazy life gets, she is never too busy to spend quality time with the family. She loves trying new recipes and restaurants almost as much as she loves family vacations, camping in the mountains, or sitting on the beach.

Will, Emma, Ashley, Zack, Josh, and Mike cannot wait to add another sibling to our family! They already have so much fun together and know that another sibling just adds to that. Your child will not lack for love or attention, and they will have the biggest cheering section to encourage them in whatever they do! Our kids love to read, build robots, play soccer and baseball, dance hip hop, tumble, play electric guitar, swim, camp, and are involved in their community youth groups. They are service oriented and look for ways to help others. Most of all, they love to laugh, be silly, and have fun together.

We know this is a life-changing decision for you and we admire you for it. We pray for your health, strength, and peace of mind. We will love your child and give them the very best we have to offer. Thank you for considering our family to be your family, for you will always have a place in it if you wish!

With love and respect,
Jeff and Anna

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