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Dear Birth Parent,

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We truly respect each person's history and, although we may not know exactly what you are going through, we are grateful that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for your child. We are already parents of a 10-year-old, and there are no words to express the love we feel for him.


We are Carolina and Jason. We first met 15 years ago through a mutual friend and have been married for 13 years. From the beginning, we envisioned having a family with more than one child. However, various life circumstances, including career paths and other challenges, led us to postpone those plans. Recently, with incredible support from our extended families, we have enthusiastically embraced adoption as the most fitting choice to expand our family.

We are a multicultural family. Carolina was born in Brazil; Jason is from New York, and we now live in a different country in South America. Despite coming from different backgrounds, we share the same values, mainly when it comes to the upbringing of our son Rafael. At home, we speak both Portuguese and English, and we have always prioritized our child's education. From a young age, Rafael attended a bilingual private school in Brazil and now learns Spanish.

We both have fulfilling and stable careers. Jason is a diplomat based overseas and Carolina a public lawyer teleworking full-time from home. As we relocated, the flexibility of teleworking really made it possible for Carolina to accompany Rafael in his new routines and school activities. We strongly believe our next child will benefit from that as well, in addition to the six months maternity and three months paternity leaves that we have.

We have always integrated our child into our daily routines and hobbies. Our passion for traveling has been shared with Rafael from a very young age, as we've taken him on both local and international trips. When it comes to bedtime, we take turns reading with him, fostering a love for literature. Additionally, we encourage Rafael to engage in sports, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Family and friends are of great importance to us, and we extend that embrace to Rafael's friends as well. Our home is a welcoming space where people can gather for conversation, enjoy meals, and organize playdates.


So, if we are fortunate enough to be chosen by you, please know that your child will be cared for, loved immensely, and will know your love and courage in making this decision. We will let her know that there was a plan made for her placement and that you wanted the best for her future.
No matter where you are in your journey, we really admire you for giving your baby life and considering adoption. We hope that you feel loved and supported. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Blessings be on your path,

Carolina and Jason

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