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Dear Birth Parent,

What a courageous and selfless act you are choosing for your child. We are in awe of your strength and promise to love your child with all our availabilities. Let us share with you a little about us and our family. We come from two different places in the world but our families and our values were very similar. Hasan fit comfortably into Katie’s large family and Katie fit comfortably into Hasan’s large family. We enjoy the outdoors and athletic activities but also enjoy the theater and the orchestra. Our personalities complimented each other, Katie is very outgoing and energetic, Hasan is a little bit more laid back but energetic as well.

We met in the city and after we were married, we moved back to Katie’s home state so she could work at her family’s school bus business, and we could start our own agritourism business on our farm. We both were excited to start a family but unfortunately, we experienced unexplained infertility. We talked about adoption, both of us had very close friends that were adopted and we both knew we wanted to be parents. After multiple rounds of IVF we were blessed with our son, Emre. We tried again and again and again and no further luck. I tried to move past the idea having a large family and focus on the fact we had one amazing son, but it still tugged on my heart that our family wasn’t complete. When our son started vocalizing he wanted to be a big brother we knew we wanted to explore the idea of adoption again.

As you pour through all these different possibilities, you can rest assured your child will be loved and have an amazing life no matter who you pick. We all have chosen adoption for many different reasons but no matter what the reason is we all want to give your child an amazing life showered with love and support. If you choose our family, your child will be part of a diverse family and community. They will live in a small idyllic town where we walk to the playground, to school and church. They will spend time on our family farms with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and travel. We promise to give your child every opportunity to grow and be part of a happy, fun loving, energetic family. We look forward to moving through this journey together so you can feel a peace with your decision you have made for your child. Thank you again for taking time to peek into our lives.

Hasan, Katie & Emre


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