Eric & Kysha

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Hello Family,

Hi, we are Eric and Kysha. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and taking time to learn about us as a potential family for your child. We know you are looking for a loving home and the right parents for your child and we are looking for a sweet child to grow our family.

We are currently living abroad in Europe. As a globetrotting family who loves to travel, we are looking forward to adding a little one on our adventures.

We are grateful to be considered to join you on this journey, even though our journey is different than yours, we share the same goals to provide a safe and loving home for your child. Our home is filled with Kindness, Love, and Faith. We promise to provide a home where they are free to dream, laugh and sing without judgement.

We hope that you are feeling loved and getting the support that is needed during this time.

We wish you the absolute best during your pregnancy.
With love and support,

Eric and Kysha

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