Eric & Joy

Dear Birth Parent,

Thank you for taking time to learn about us. We admire your courage and can only imagine the decisions ahead as you consider making an adoption plan. We are so grateful that you are willing to consider us as a future home for your child.

Our Story

We have known each other for over 20 years, truly best friends and partners. We met in sixth grade and grew up together near Chicago. We shared the same friends and our parents always not-so-secretly wanted us to date. More than a decade later they were surprised when we did start dating and thrilled when we got married more than four years ago. We have always wanted to be parents and considered adoption from the beginning. When we experienced infertility, we started the adoption process knowing that it is the right decision for us.

Our Lifestyle

In our free time we like to cook, hangout with friends, go hiking, and play games. We enjoy spending time together even if it’s just hanging around the home, doing chores, or shopping for groceries. We have a shared love for good, homemade food. We have a Sunday tradition where Eric makes waffles and Joy eats them. We both have a global background and enjoy international travel and we can’t wait to share these experiences with our children!

Joy’s work in international affairs moves us around the world every few years. We have found great community among American families posted overseas and trust that our child will grow up well loved and supported wherever we live. In an increasingly globalized world, we believe our children can benefit from living overseas. If our current lifestyle no longer works for our family, we have a strong community among our families and friends in the United States that we can rely on. Together we hope to pass on important values of family, community, and faith to our children. We would love to experience together, learn, and teach each other about our different backgrounds.

Our Promise and Our Gratitude

We promise to provide your child with a loving home. We promise to always be encouraging and to offer new experiences that expand your child’s horizons and understanding of the world. We promise to tell your story and to honor an open adoption so that your child will always know your love for them. We promise to love your child unconditionally with our whole hearts for our whole lives. Thank you for taking time to learn about us and to consider us for your child. Regardless of what the future holds, may God’s light shine a path for you and your baby that is bright and full of hope.

Forever grateful,
Joy & Eric

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