Dan & Kim

Dear Expectant Mom,

We understand that you are being faced with a difficult decision, and we want you to know that you are not alone and we are here to support you. We hope we will get the chance to know you so we can together give your child a life of limitless opportunity, education, and unconditional love. We are so grateful to you for taking the time to learn about our family. We hope you will see that more than anything, we love being parents and that our home is filled with so much happiness, laughter and love.

About Us:

When we met nearly a decade ago, our mutual love of the outdoors, biking, boating, food and going to concerts brought us together. And it wasn't long before we knew we had each found our person, and we tied the knot. Our marriage is filled with so much love, and our love grew tremendously when we welcomed our son, William, into our hearts. We can’t wait to become parents together again. We are excited to have another little one join in on our family celebrations, picnics at the park, and fun-filled summer days at the beach!

Meet Kimberly:

Kim is a highly educated business owner.  She is petite at 5’3” with blonde hair, fair skin and blue/green eyes. She is the middle child with an older and younger sister, Kerri & Katrina. She has 14 aunts and uncles, 23 cousins, and amazing parents. She grew up on a farm and enjoys spending quality time with all of her family. Kim loves animals and any family outings that will involve them. She finds cooking therapeutic and especially loves to include our son, William, when she is baking. It is important to her to eat dinner as a family. She will never pass up a slice of chocolate cake.

Meet Daniel:

Dan is a successful entrepreneur.  He has an athletic “dad bod” build and stands at just about 6’, with light green eyes and an olive complexion.  His hair started turning grey and thinning at a young age.  He had dark brown hair up until his mid-twenties.  He is a younger brother. His sister, Catherine "Kitty," lives just minutes away. He enjoys spending time outdoors biking, hiking, and having family boating days on the ocean. Dan loves eating anything Italian and especially loves Kim's cooking for Sunday family dinners. He is outgoing and enjoys striking up new conversations with just about anybody.  He will never pass up a peppermint patty or a snuggle with our son, William.

Meet William:

William just turned two and has sandy hair, fair skin and green eyes.  He would love to have a little sister or brother as a playmate. He is fiercely protective of anything he loves, which would carry over to his sibling as a big brother. He loves singing, dancing, climbing, and doing anything outdoors. William especially loves visiting the family farm. He is a happy, curious little toddler with a big personality. He thinks the word "no" is just a suggestion and gets a kick out of making everyone around him laugh. He will never pass up ranch dip.

Our Home:

We live in a scenic coastal town 45 minutes from a major city.  We have a cozy 5-bedroom home on just about an acre of land.  There is a basketball hoop in our front drive and a toddler playground and club house in the backyard.  Our neighbors are our friends and the neighborhood is diverse, clean and kid friendly. Our school system is fantastic and highly accredited.  We love that our community is close knit filled with friends, family and lots of fun outdoor things to do!

Why Adoption:

We find being parents the most rewarding thing in the world. Our love is limitless. We adore the sound of Will’s laugh, the noise of toys, the snuggles, smiles and unwavering love in his eyes. Kim has always dreamed of a large family like her childhood, even with our struggles with infertility, she remains positive and certain that adoption is our path.   Dan wishes his parents were alive and that he had a larger family, his sister and best friend were adopted and he has always welcomed growing our family in this way.   We both have great relationships with our siblings and would want those experiences for any of our children. We are proud of many things in life but, most of all we are proud to be parents.  We would love nothing more than to give William a sister or brother to go through life with as we continue to share our love and grow together as a family. As parents, we would offer a warm nurturing environment with unwavering love and support. We understand the importance of structure, morals, values, hard work and balance and know that children need to be shaped, educated and guided.  As business owners, we have the time and flexibility needed to be involved parents. We look forward to welcoming another child into our loving family!

We cannot thank you enough for considering us as parents. We promise to give your child every opportunity possible so they can be whoever they dream of being. We will cherish every moment together and love them unconditionally. Your child will know of your love every single day. We are sending strength and love your way.  Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

With Open Hearts,

Kim & Dan



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