Conner and MacKenzie

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Our dear friend,

We just want to say to you how grateful and happy we are to have been considered in the adoption of your child. We can only imagine how difficult this decision must have been for you but just know that it is with great admiration that we will tell your story.

We hope that no matter what you decide, you will find happiness and peace. You too deserve a life filled with love and happiness, and we hope to establish and maintain a connection with you throughout this journey.

We have been married for six years now and are thrilled to start our family. We may not know what the future holds, but are so excited to bring a child into our home and into our hearts so that we could fulfill our life long dream of being parents.

We met as young children, and grew up as close friends. We never imagined that we would one day be married. Four years ago now, we made the decision to start a family. We were so excited to finally become parents after enjoying our first few years of marriage just the two of us, and we're looking forward to the family we were going to have with one another. 

For the next eighteen months of trying to conceive, we lost two children to miscarriage.After undergoing several tests and procedures, we were told that even with extensive surgeries and procedures, we would be unlikely to have a child. After sitting down together and discussing our hopes and dreams for the future, we knew one thing was clear: we wanted to have a family. The choice seemed to come easily after that, and we decided to move forward with adoption

There are many things we hope to be able to teach your child throughout their life through example and experiences. We want them to know the importance of honesty, creativity, loyalty, kindness, and respect.

Throughout their life, we hope to be able to show them that no matter how long or in what way it took for them to come into our lives, they were always meant to be there and always will be.

Our promise to you is that we commit to embracing and celebrating the unique identity and heritage of your child, and fostering a sense of belonging and cultural pride. We promise to teach them important principles and to show them how to live a happy and fulfilling life. Most of all, we promise to prioritize the well-being and happiness of your child. 

About us:

Conner is calm, adventurous, and extremely funny. He makes everyone around him laugh and feel incredibly valued. He is extremely smart and tech savvy. Conner is a hard worker and a very quick learner. He can pick up almost any skill with just a few attempts at whatever it is. He is also very athletic and great at playing sports. 

Mackenzie is more of an analytical thinker. She puts a lot of time and thought into her life, her hobbies, her job, and her relationships. She is extremely loving and nurturing. She has a huge heart and cares so much for the people around her. She also has a great sense of humor. She too is an incredibly hard worker and reliable person. 

Mackenzie’s Perspective on Conner:

“Conner is the greatest man and person I have ever known. I have been lucky to spend a lot of time with him throughout so many different times of my life. He is the best example of  kindness, loyalty, compassion, integrity, and love. To be loved by him is my biggest blessing. Since the beginning of our relationship, Conner always knew he wanted to be a dad. It is something he has spoken about frequently throughout the years, and something I look forward to seeing come true every day that we move closer to having a family.” - Mackenzie

Conner’s Perspective on Mackenzie:

“I have known Mackenzie since we were kids and even though we grew up together, she still continues to amaze me with her ability to be one of the most selfless and kind hearted people I have ever met. I cannot wait to see her use these gifts as a mother to show her children to excel in life but to also teach them love, empathy, patience and the kindest of hearts. She is soft, tender, kind, and patient. I was lucky to find this amazing woman, was even more lucky she said yes to marry me and I get the privilege of being loved and cared for by her. I know whoever is lucky enough to call her mom will feel the exact same way.” - Conner.


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