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We’re happy to connect with you, even from a distance, and grateful for the time you‘re taking to get to know our family. We recognize that you’re making an incredibly brave decision in the best interest of your child that takes courage, strength, and so much love. You have the support of two grateful strangers.
We would be honored to bring your child into our family. We promise to provide them a life filled with many opportunities, unwavering support, boundless joy, and lots of adventure. Your little one will be profoundly loved and cared for on every level.
As parents, we will strive to show up every day as our best selves with kindness and unconditional love and provide your child a nurturing home and safe haven in which to grow. If you choose to take this journey with us, we look forward to meeting and learning more about you and understanding the hopes and dreams you have for your child.
We wish you well in your journey and hope wherever you are the sun is shing!
With love & gratitude,
Laticia & Christian

We’ve shared a decade of life, love, and adventure together. Our bond has grown stronger with each passing year, through the best of times, and the difficult ones, too. We’re a hard-working, fun-loving couple whose strengths & weaknesses complement each other well, making us a great team!
We have many shared passions, including spending time outdoors, exploring the beauty of nature, hiking, skiing & snowboarding, traveling to new places, working on Do-It-Yourself house projects, fostering rescue dogs, and gathering with our friends and family for a good laugh. Our rescue dog, Sadie, and furry brood of four cats are our greatest joys.
We can’t wait to expand our family with a child and embrace the gift of parenthood.

“Laticia has a brightness, passion, and positive energy that she brings into the world which helps her immediately connect with people, and then turn them into friends. She can literally walk into a room of strangers and an hour later know everyone’s stories, having made genuine and lasting connections.
My wife works tirelessly to make our lives, our home, and us better. Her incredible attention to detail in any situation makes her one of the most prepared people I know. I am truly blessed to be sharing this wonderful life with Laticia. She brings a special light, love, and warmth to everything we do together. I know she is going to be an amazing, nurturing and deeply loving Mom and I can’t wait to see how our family grows with her energy driving us.” – Christian

“Christian has a very caring energy that draws people in and makes them feel safe. Aside from being a lot of fun, my husband is incredibly kind, hard-working, devoted, charming, and thoughtful. There’s no doubt Christian will be the most amazing Dad! I adore Christian’s quick wit, sharp intelligence, quiet humility, and willingness to go out of his way for almost anyone. He has a calm demeanor in times of crisis and exemplifies strength of character with his kindness and patience.
One of Christian's superpowers is that he can fix almost anything. If he doesn't know how to make something work, he will study and teach himself how to resolve the issue, a quality I find admirable. He is a great person to brainstorm ideas with and a creative problem solver. I learn a lot from him and know our child will, too!” - Laticia

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