Dear Expectant Parent,

The selfless courage you exhibit as you decide what is best for your unborn child is an act of love, and I am grateful for your consideration that I might perhaps get the privilege of raising your child. I have been preparing my heart and my life for this opportunity, and I trust that God will provide for you and your child in the best possible way.

I have dreamed of becoming a mother since I was a child myself, and since my teenage years, I have felt God’s calling in my life to become a mother to a child born to another. I will strive to provide a nurturing home that values generosity, kindness, love, and respect for self and others.

If I get the honor of parenting your child, this little one will always receive unconditional love, support, and protection. I will ensure your child knows that your decision to choose adoption was one made out of love, and I whole-heartedly want this child to have as much of an open connection to you as you desire.

I pray that you will feel inner peace in whatever decision you decide to make for you and your child.

In prayer and admiration,

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