Ben & Hayley

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Hello Birth Parent,

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us. Thank you for being courageous and selfless. Thank you.

We have spent years trying and waiting for a child to join our family. Without a child to love and nurture each day we feel like there is an empty space in our lives. We promise your child will grow up surrounded by love, laughter, and the freedom to be who they want to be. We know how much your child is loved and cared for by you. We promise to do the same.

About “Us”
Believe it or not, we are a dating app success story! One year from the day we first met we got engaged. We are now getting ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

We live in a city, but have lots of access to nature and seeing wildlife up close. The view from our living room window is a mountain covered in green and makes us smile each morning.

We are about a 15-minute walk from Hayley's parents. We frequently go over to their house for dinner and games on Sundays, unless they're over at our place!

Between the two families, there are three cousins, four aunts, one uncle, and four grandparents ready to welcome a most wanted member into their lives.

We have both lived all over the world and know that our family and friends are the most important part to feeling like we’re home wherever we may be. All of our family and friends are excited to become grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

About Ben
Personality: Loving, Outgoing, Inclusive

Occupation: Regional Director

Hobbies: traveling, smoking BBQ, golfing, working out, hanging out with friends and family

“Seeing Ben interact with his nieces, nephew, and friends' children makes my eyes tear up with love. He laughs, plays make-believe, and will indulge them in hours of a never-ending tag game. He needs to be a dad.” ~ Hayley

About Hayley
Personality: Loving, Outgoing, Responsible, Organized

Occupation: Elementary Teacher

Hobbies: traveling, cooking & baking, crafting & sewing, reading, hanging out with friends and family

“Hayley's face lights up whenever she's around children. Her capacity for play, imagination, and love knows no bounds. They're a few of the many attributes that would make her a remarkable mother.” ~ Ben

Thank you for considering us as prospective parents for your child. We look forward to staying connected in all the years to come. Thank you.


Hayley & Ben

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